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Announcement: kJams is switching to a Subscription Model.

  1. Welcome
    1. System Requirements
    2. Getting Started
    3. Purchasing kJams or the Plugins
    4. Are you a KJ? Post your Shows online! Looking for a local venue to see kJams in action? View the map!
    5. Video Tutorials
    6. If you need Tech Support
  2. kJams Lite, Pro, And 2
    1. Connecting a Microphone
    2. Preferences
    3. Getting songs into kJams
      1. Music Stores
        1. ptk.png Party Tyme Streaming Streaming Only (Offline streaming available) Provided by Sybersound
        2. kc.png KaraokeCloud Stream / Purchase (Offline streaming available)
        3. Party Tyme Downloads Purchase Only
      2. Adding existing song files…
        1. Add To Library… will add existing QuickTime, Windows Media, optionally zipped Audio+G, bin/cue, CAVS (MCG, NCG), MTU (KMA), Acesonic "CDG", and MediaStream (LRC, KTP, UltraStar) files
        2. Reinterpret your song names from [Name:“Sc1234-04 - U2 - Desire”, Artist:“”, Album: “”] to [Name:“Desire”, Artist:“U2”, Album: “Sc1234”]
      3. Ripping from shiny media
        1. Ripping from a CD+G, CD+GM, or Audio disc
        2. Ripping Other Formats SuperCDG, NEO+G, DVD, LaserDisc, VCD
    4. Meta Info and File Tagging (name, artist, album, duration, etc) for Sorting
      1. Fetching Metadata for CD+G Discs
      2. GraceNote Access
      3. freedb Access (includes MusicBrainz and TrackType)
      4. KJ Pro Access
      5. CDPedia Database (including spreadsheet import)
      6. CAVS Meta data
      7. Copy and Paste to use a spreadsheet to quickly edit large volumes of meta data
      8. Advanced metadata editing
      9. Reinterpret your song names
    5. Play Lists
    6. Target Mode
    7. Playing Songs
      1. Key and Tempo Shifting
      2. Vocal Reduction
      3. Slipping the Graphics
      4. Setting the Volume
      5. Playing with a Background Video
      6. Repeat Settings
      7. Auto-Cue to Skip Silence at Start or End of Song
      8. Trimming the start and end time
      9. Equalizer or audio enhancement
      10. Graphics Channels
      11. Launch Files and MIDI, KAR files
    8. The Messenger to show scrolling text messages
    9. Searching
    10. Remote Control
    11. Converting Audio+G songs to a different format
    12. Exporting PlayLists, Orignal Files or iPod Video
    13. Removing or Deleting Songs or Playlists
    14. The Video Window
    15. Printing CD Covers
    16. Burning DVDs
    17. Transferring kJams to another computer
    18. Restoring from backups
  3. kJams Pro
    1. Venues
    2. Singers
    3. Rotation
    4. Switchable Songs for Singers
    5. Exporting QuickTime
    6. The Mini-Monitor Panel and 2nd Video Window
    7. Scripting
    8. Server for Web Browser based Singer Login
    9. kJams Cue: Song Book Searching / Singer Login / Queue management, on any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
    10. ShowScreens to show custom text and graphic messages
    11. Printing Song Books
  4. kJams 2
    1. Python
    2. Launch Files can run Python scripts
    3. Fade Out for smooth transitions
    4. iTunes Crossfade (via Python)!
    5. Songless Singers
    6. Coming soon: The rest of the features
  5. Plugins
    1. Lame MP3 audio encoder (free!)
    2. kJams Disc Burner lets you burn custom mix CD+G discs
    3. kJams Producer lets you create new CD+G from scratch, or edit existing songs
  6. Third Party
    1. iSing Karaoke Locator for iPhone and iPod Touch
    2. iDisplay lets you show your Video window on your iOS device, wirelessly
    3. Air Display lets you show your Video window on your Android, wirelessly
    4. Karaoke Anywhere lets you play karaoke on your iOS or Android device
    5. Singing Machine uses a USB stick to play your karaoke songs, with a built in microphone!
  7. kJams Menus
    1. File
    2. Edit
    3. Controls
    4. Advanced
    5. Video
    6. Window
    7. Help
  8. Tasks & Tips
    1. Troubleshooting
    2. Consolidating your Library
    3. Moving your Library to another Volume
    4. Preset Playlists (Not "Smart")
    5. Keep your Desktop and Downloads clean
    6. Did you know?
  9. Contact & Office Hours
  10. Index & Glossary
  11. Free Code