Warning about 64bit: Click Here

How to purchase

  1. At least glance at the Refund Policy
  2. Download, install, and run kJams
  3. When running kJams, go to the menu bar and pick “Help->Purchase”

To Buy the Burning Plugin: (sold separately for Lite and Pro)

  1. Buy kJams (see above) and run it
  2. In the Menu Bar pick: “kJams -> Preferences -> Burning”
  3. Click the “Purchase” button

How to upgrade to Pro or 2

  1. Run your existing, registered kJams
  2. In the Menu Bar pick: “Help -> Upgrade”
  3. The upgrade price from Lite to Pro is exactly the difference in cost between them ($70 USD)
  4. Upgrade pricing to 2 is available here
Discounts and Site Licenses
There are no coupons.
50% off If you represent a place of worship (to use during weekly services) or a non-profit (where you do many free shows or fundraisers for charity), or if you are personally a starving student (paying out of pocket)
70% off If you represent a school and need a site license for lab computers where students will have access to them
100% off (Free) If you are doing humanitarian work (providing free shows for people in need), are in the Military (on active duty, doing shows for your troop mates), work in a Prison (doing free shows for inmates) or Hospital (music is healing!)
All others: Site Licensing Available: for every 4 copies, 5th is free.
Learn how to qualify for a discount.
In general, there are no refunds, since it is free to try with no time limit. But you can and should read the entire Refund Policy
Donations accepted here. If you believe in the cause, please donate, then I can retire from my real job and work on this full time.

It’s Free to Try!

kJams is “Shareware”. That means it’s completely free to download and try! In fact I highly recommend you try it out before buying.

Also, before buying, I recommend that you make sure you can rip (ie: import a CD+G disc) using your CD drive, because NOT ALL DRIVES ARE COMPATIBLE!

Note that the until you purchase kJams, it will be in “Tryout Mode”, and it will have some limitations. The “Tryout” and the “Licensed” versions are the exact same application, it’s just that the licensed version has been unlocked, so it is no longer in “Tryout” mode.


  • $40

    kJams Lite

    Karaoke Software for House Parties, or Private Events!

  • $110

    kJams Pro

    For public performance, professionals, and the serious fanatic

  • $140

    kJams 2

    All the capability of kJams Pro, plus powerful customization tools

  • Free

    kJams Cue

    iOS or Android app for Singers, or for KJs to use as a Kiosk

  • $20

    Burning Plugin

    Enables kJams Lite or Pro to burn CD+G media (included with kJams 2)

  • $70

    Producer Plugin

    Only available on 32bit Mac with kJams Pro and kJams 2. Allows you to create and edit both CD+G files and "ShowScreens"