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kJams Cue
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iOS or Android app for Singers, or for KJs to use as a Kiosk



  • Download link (above) goes to iOS app
  • For Android app, Click Here!
  • Connect to any karaoke venue that uses kJams.
  • Search the Library for songs by Artist or Title.
  • Add yourself to the Rotation.
  • Maintain your "Tonight" and "Favorites", view your "History".
  • Pick songs to sing directly from any of your playlists.
  • Reorder your "Tonight" list at any time.
  • Change the Pitch and Tempo of your songs.
  • Remembers singer passwords, so you don't have to (low security)
  • View the current Rotation
  • Enable Kiosk Mode and it will no longer remember singers' passwords

More Information:

This app is FREE, and there is no in-app advertising.

It is intended for personal use, or within a group of friends (low security, remembers passwords)

Here is a link to a lovely Demo Video

Here is some detailed technical information