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Producer Plugin

Only available on 32bit Mac with kJams Pro and kJams 2. Allows you to create and edit both CD+G files and "ShowScreens"


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  • Completely FREE to use when editing ShowScreens
  • FREE to try out for burning CD+G master discs (otherwise shows red "X"'s in your graphics)
  • Edit existing CD+G files (fix small glitches)
  • Import a "Timed Text" file to create new CD+G tracks
  • Supported formats: LRC (optionally "enhanced"), iKaraoke TunePrompter, SingStar (UltraStar), SunFly

To buy the Producer Plugin:

  1. You must have already purchased kJams Pro or kJams 2
  2. Go to the Menu Bar and click: “kJams -> Preferences -> Producer”
  3. Click “Purchase”

More Information:

Here is more detailed technical info on kJams Producer.