New Voicemail Phone Number: Note that the number listed as my contact number sometimes gives a “busy signal” instead of going to voice mail. This is because Skype sucks. To go right to voice mail, please use this number: +1 (805) 552-6701

Email / text chat tech support is free, unless it starts taking all of my time. Telephone tech support is free for the first hour.

Note: I’m on Pacific Time (GMT -8) (but adjust that for daylight savings time)

Appointments and calls accepted during these times:
Wednesday & Thursday evenings, from 6pm to 10pm, and

In your local time zone this would be:

From: Wednesday 6:00 PM PDT
To: Wednesday 10:00 PM PDT


From: Thursday 6:00 PM PDT
To: Thursday 10:00 PM PDT

Please call me during these times (see my phone number listed in the side bar), or email me or better TEXT me, to make an appointment at another time.

When you call, be online and have kJams running, make sure you’ve at least tried to set up Screen Sharing. When we talk, try to be to the point so I can work on kJams as much as possible.

You can call me on the Phone any time, but I probably won’t answer unless it’s during the above times.

I answer emails almost obsessively, so that’s the best and fastest way to reach me. If you email me using the link on the left, and I do not reply, it’s probably an overly zealous spam filter. In that case email me here instead.