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One-Time Donations can be made by clicking in the table below under "Cheat Sheet", on "You Decide Donation".

Monthly Donations or "Early Subscription Based kJams" can be made using Patreon. (Thanks for your support!) Note this comes with a certain amount of free phone support.


Email and "text chat" tech support is free, as long as it doesn't take a ton of my time; if you send me a dozen emails a week, we may need to switch you to paid tech support.

The first 1 hour of tech support (on the phone / screen sharing) is free. We can do anything you want for that hour.

After that, the regular rate is $40 per hour, pro-rated. I take PayPal, and paypal takes credit cards (no PayPal account is necessary to SEND money).

If you claim financial hardship, I'm willing to help you for $20 per hour.

Special price for kJams fanatics ONLY: $80 per hour! Note you must qualify to get this SPECIAL rate! To qualify you must totally love kJams, and have plenty of money, and you have to want to share the love. If you don't qualify, i'm sorry but you'll have to pay the regular rate.

Note that if i'm helping you because of a bug in kJams, it's free.

Note that i'm not here to teach you the basics of computers. You'll have to go elsewhere for that.

How to contact me, and my Available Times

Here you can contact me and see the times i'm available in your time zone.

Cheat Sheet

To Paypal me, click on one of the Rates below.

  Rate     Hourly Fee  
You Decide Donation $??
Special: kJams Lover $80
Regular $40
Financial Hardship $20
I'm dying here $1