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The Testimonials on this page were written by real people and were unsolicited. I even include the email address of each submitter so that you can write to them and ask "are you for real?" if you want to validate these claims.


See the totally awesome testimonials on the CNet's Download.com page! (Be sure to click "See reviews for: All Versions" so you can see all the reviews!

"It makes owning a Mac absolutely complete!!!!!!!"
"Kjams:you either love it or have never used it"
"Perfect for a technophobe like me"
"Warning: May cause karaoke addiction."
"kJams does exactly what you've read about it and more!"
"kJams, the best karaoke software on the market bar none"
"Fantastic Karaoke Player!!"
"Hands-Down Best Karaoke Software Available"
"No Doubt the Best Karaoke Program on the Planet!"
"There Is No Other"
"kJams Beats Them All!"
"Karaoke for the Mac at Last!"


Wow BEST COMMENTS EVAR on facebook

Here's another great one

Devin Pike


... thank you for developing, and maintaining, a best-in-breed product. I've demoed other systems, but I will never use, or recommend, anything other than kJams for live performance karaoke hosts. Period.


(From this forum post)

I just got off one of those really really good karaoke nights. You know the one I'm talking about. Killer crowd, great songs, amazing singers, it all just comes together...Show screens are doing there job, cross fade is keeping the patrons on the dance floor, the tip jar is over flowing and my software isn't kicking me in the @#$*.

Thanks Dave! Just thank you for this thing you have created that makes nights like this a reality. I like to think we have that little thing that makes it fun but without the tools we are just that...tools. I look forward to doing this thing that lets me pretend to be an entertainer every week because of kJams.


Thomas Anderson

It's one of those things you buy that leaves you wondering, how could this be, because the value you get for price paid is phenomenal. The fun my family and friends and I have had for $40 or so is beyond belief! And that says nothing of the generosity I've found with guy behind it in updates and tech support even when fault was mine!

Thomas Anderson

Michelle Parsneau

after i helped a customer, and she helped me find a problem, i thanked her, and she said:

Any time! I'm happy to help in any way I can. Your program and your customer service have both been amazing, since day one. Any way I can give back, even a little, I'm more than happy to do so, because I really appreciate what you do and how you do it.

Randy Gaschler

OK, so here is the cool part. I use kJams for 5 days after Apple does a major OS update and I have to practically beg my MacPro to deliver the songs that I want when I want them. Then with less than 24 hours before a company Karaoke party, I send an email to [dave] describing what I think is the general direction of the problem. ... The next day at the party I start up the laptop, open kJams, accept the NEW update install, and lo and BEHOLD!!!! The problems were gone and kJams worked flawlessly!


Thanks, Dave! I appreciate it greatly. Only if all software developers were a fraction as diligent.

Steven Cayton

...man, you’ve been WAY above and beyond the call of duty in the few times I’ve needed your help. I can’t recall ever having better customer service, “personal” customer service, like what you have provided. ... So, thanks again Dave. ... My kJams [works now]! YAHOO!!

Bob Lester

It is so comforting to have someone who actually takes an interest in his customer base so as to maintain a running conversation with someone experiencing a problem. These days this is hard to find. I hope you will become wildly successful.

Gino Louie

Getting SoundChoice tracks (edit: certified legally bought Gem series of MP3+G Data Discs) into the kJams Library was impossible! (edit: due to a bug in kJams, unbeknownst to Dave!)
The MP3 files were not immediately identified.

Dave saved the day!

After many emails to try to correct the problem, he sent me a link to Screen Share with him. He established a trail so that I can locate the Sound Choice files after the discs have been copied into my computer. So many thanks, Dave for saving me from psychosis! I appreciate your vigilant, brilliant support in making kJams such a brilliant piece of software!

I know for certain how difficult the ripping process is without kJams. Earlier, I was tagging disc info to Music Book Deluxe. From there, I had planned on using Power CDG Burner II to rip.

This would have been lengthy, labor intensive process.

kJams has saved me tremendous time and money.

I'm so happy I went with kJams and Macintosh!

Bill Bartholomew

Tonight I was at a gig and after updating my Mac runnin 10.10 Beta Kjams was throwing a fit ( I Know I should have tested it before hand ) [edit: it had reverted to tryout] I emailed Dave with my version number, OS version and my serial number from the gig . Within 10 Minutes he emailed me back on the steps to take and within 15 Min of my email I was back up and running. Let's see them other programs have customer service like that. I am a kJams user for life !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again Dave

AJ Michales

I ... have been using PRO for over a year now, I love it, nothing else like it, PERIOD. Again, I cannot express to you how amazing your program is. I love it so much, I've made other companies buy this program. I gave them no other option, this is simply the best. I should also point out, I've worked with other programs, such as virtual DJ. All others fail in comparison to yours. I would like to thank you.

Mark, “Karaoke King”

Dear Dave,
I have tried almost every karaoke player software available and can honestly say you have a superior product.

  1. Easy Hassel Free.
  2. Mac and Pc. with all major karaoke files types.
  3. Amazing Super Fast accurate support.
  4. Great Pricing.
  5. Great Style and Functionality.

Karaoke is fun entertainment! Thank You so much for keeping it that way...

Monte Greene

Thanks again Dave, I've dealt with lots of tech challenges in the past, no doubt in part to my tech-knowledge deficit! But I have never in my life had the developer of the software make a personal call and spend valuable time with me! I know you are swamped with work, I just want to give you kudos for your attention to my concerns. You have a customer for life. And a raving fan with a big mouth! I'm gonna tell every singer, KJ, bar owner and outback aborigines about you and your great vision. Thanks again!

Warmest regards,

Scott W

I have a crazy Karaoke System, with lots of high-tech doo dads, like lighting control, an integrated photo-booth and a customized song-picker app. kJams has been both easy for people to use (sometimes we even end up in a 'self service mode') AND supports all of our custom extensions. Dave has been *fantastic* when it comes to timely patches to subtle bugs or feature requests. As I told him in a chat yesterday, "Best tech support ever!"

Hal Lowe

Whether you’re a single, a group or a Karaoke Jock, kJams 2 is for you!. I’ve tried ‘em all and nothing else compares with kJams 2. I’m working as a single (one-man band) these days and need a program I can really rely on. I need something that’s easy to use, flexible but with power to spare. kJams is all that and much more. Take it from me, kJams 2 is awesome!

Hal “The Wanderer” Lowe (former lead guitar/singer of “The Wanderers”)

Chris M

I discovered kJams while looking for Mac compatible karaoke software. If you're reading this and looking for such software, then LOOK NO FURTHER! kJams has it all. The feature list speaks for itself, it's easy to use and fulfills all the needs of amateurs and professionals alike. But the support offered by the developer, David Cotter, is AMAZING and this is what makes kJams stand out compared to any other software out there, be it karaoke related or not. There's extensive online support in the wiki and forums, but should anything have slipped through the cracks and not be on there then David is on hand to answer all queries and sort out any bugs. kJams is still regularly updated with even more features. I can't recommend it enough and with the support being offered by David you really can't go wrong.

Tom Sanford

I have been using the hell out of Kjams for two years...with very little problems...I love it!!!!! What ever your plans are in the future...count me in!...hell I'd pay double lol As far as I'm concerned it's the best out there!

Capt. Norbert Adamek

I gotta say this: Kudos on kJams, kJams absolutely rules. This comes from faraway Austria, we (my wife, myself and lots of friends) have been enjoying kJams for several years now. Best Karaoke ever. EVER!

It's a pleasure to read that you are still trying to improve something so good, we'll be looking forward to all new versions.

Again, thanks for having provided the perfect Karaoke solution

Wrote to CNET, to Mr. David Sloan, - feature editor. Here goes:

Dear Mr. Sloan,

your site was brought to my attention by David Cotter, developer of kJams, a Karaoke software. I bought this software 4 years ago, having looked for a MAC - usable Karaoke software for quite some time.

kJams has it all. Easy to use, fulfilling the needs for both professional KJs and home-users, built in Karaoke-song-downloads, - the lot.

The main reason I am writing to you, however, is the fact that David, the guy who developed kJams provides an incredibly ambitious and fast customer service, which nowadays, is not something you can take for granted.

I am writing to you from Vienna, Austria, and I think that it would be worth taking a closer look at kJams. True, it's a genre that appeals to a minority, but it's never the less a gem in terms of innovation and customer support. Not a week goes by without an update, and every email is answered in zero time. Unbelievable. No hotlines, no unanswered requests, - this does deserve to be looked into.

So, even if Karaoke is not anymore "the hot news", many Karaoke - enthusiasts worldwide are looking for just that software that covers all. kJams does this, not only by it's features, but especially by the customer-service level it provides.

It would be worth to check it out, here's the address: www.kjams.com

Rene A. Morin

I've seen the other guys and lemme tell ya, kJams out performs all other players out there for the value it delivers.

Kyle Del Bonis

Your work makes the world a better place :)

Scott Salvi

(after fixing a bug for him…)
Thanks Dave… we seriously could not ask for better support. You do an amazing job!

Lofthus Leonard

Oh how I wish I had found you and KJAMS years ago!

Aaron Plant

I hope you're well. I simply had to email you to let you know how impressed I am with your latest kJams software on my Mac.

Everything I've tried to do with it so far has worked perfectly, including importing all my existing MP3+G zip files, and ripping a few new disks too!

I have licensed the software today because I have no concerns that this is the best and most feature rich software I have seen for Karaoke on laptop.

I've been a pro Karaoke DJ now for nearly 10 years, and have used a variety of packages, mostly on Windows platforms, and I have to say that I am really impressed with your software development. It has features I hadn't even thought of - but really like! Like multiple venue support, and the slickest singer adding and queueing system I've ever seen.

I really like the 'ShowScreens' feature to put up information on the screen, and the fact that the next singer is announced automatically on the singer screen when one track finished.

I have also purchased a few tracks using your online store feature, and I have to say that this integration is an excellent feature too.

I previously used Sax N Dotty's Show Presenter, but this product has not evolved in the last 2-3 years. kJams has overtaken it for sure, and providing I get the basic stability I need I am sure it will serve me very well.

I hope you get enough income to sustain lot of further development, though I have to say - this version is pretty much there for functionality even now.

Keep up the great work - your efforts are definitely going to be enjoyed!

Really, I am so impressed. Believe me I am a very picky person when it comes to what I use on stage. I am not easy to please when it comes to my gear and I run a £35k sound rig based on Logic System kit which I use a 5kw cut down version of for my Laraoke shows. Your software is an excellent addition to the line-up.

Thanks for a really great product.

Jay Cuva

Thank you for consistently improving your product! Very few companies have the customer service and innovation that you offer.

Brett Rigby

Thanks again Dave! I must say you are most likely the most professional, hands-on business owner I've ever dealt with and it is very much appreciated!

Michelle Parsneau

You certainly have the absolute best customer service of any software company that I've ever dealt with, in over 10 years of playing around with computers. I really appreciate it.

DJ Schulze

Dave has exceeded my customer support expectations beyond my wildest dreams! When I was a new user, I emailed him a question at 11:00 at night. As a what-the-heck I mentioned that I would be up until 1:00 am. He called me within five minutes and walked me though my confusion.

Thanks again Dave!

Steve and Gina Nations

I admire your work and customer service, I never encountered customer service anywhere as quick and professional as your's and I am a retail manager my self.

Caroline Pope

Thanks So Much! The new download worked.
And thanks for the EXCELLENT Customer Service you have.
You have always replied to all of my emails so quickly.
Thanks Again,
P.S. kjams ROCKS!!! :)

Graham Thirkill

David, you are the most unbelievably kind, considerate reliable, person I have ever had the pleasure to deal with on the web. It must be 4 or 5 years I have been sending emails for your help and you have never ever let me down. To me, being an old man this is lovely and you keep my faith in human nature, unlike a lot of others who havn't got two minutes for anyone.

Thanks David, you are truly a lovely, lovely bloke. I read the notes on your site before downloading and your outright honesty overwhelms me.

It must have been less than three minutes before I got your answer back from you.
What else can I say but thank you very much.

Cheers and Beers,

Rainy Parton


I am so overwhelmed with the success of the kJams program!!! Few things come along that ARE what the say they ARE!!! Since you so patiently guided me through the ONLY POSSIBLE way I could do something wrong......everything has come together and now, I get to SING!!!! What a concept!!!I am SOOOOO HAPPPPY!!!!

Thank you for sharing your talent and interest in karaoke. You've certainly made my world a better place!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Anne Nicolai


Is there a Webby (or some other) Award for "Generosity of TIme Spent with Prospective Clients"? If so, you should win, and I will be happy to nominate you.

Mark Gregory

kjams is the only tool I will ever use. I have fully enabled the server now and last night it was used to great effect. lots of very happy punters which is what we want. its the only program pros should use, nothing else comes close.
have also for the last 12 months been telling people "Find me a better run karaoke bar" that is as fast and as slick (I am still waiting for a reply) lol

Steven Thair

I want to thank you for your program and for your dedication to providing support. my friends and i are in our early 60's with various singing backgrounds from alot to none. we just love getting together and singing, and your program has made it SSSOOOO much easier.

Steve Nations

Thank you for such great customer service and product! I just can't believe the customer service you provide is just totally outstanding!!


I just purchased the Pro version of the Windows Version of kJams. My friend who has the Mac version inspired me to try it out, and after seeing how great it was, I looked for PC alternatives (my mac is a PowerBook...too old), but most of the other programs weren't very good. I found the Windows version of kJams and tried it out, and it worked pretty well, while it's not yet like the Mac version, it still blows every other pc Karaoke program out of the water. (emphasis added)

Nripendra Dhillon, MD, MS

I am very grateful for the time you have given me. A few years ago, I had got a backup solution called SuperDuper for myself. I had sent its developer (another Dave) queries over the time I learned to use the product in a manner that fit my needs, and I had then thought that the attention he gave his customers could not be paralleled. Having explored the kJams forums, and having corresponded with you, I have learned that I was wrong. You have an amazing devotion to your clients and that is refreshing indeed to experience. Thank you for all your help. I look forward to a continuing association.

Kevin Shirey

David Cotter, you are


kJams really is the best karaoke player out there, hands down! I showed the setup to 3 other KJ guys and they want a mac and kJams like yesterday! It kept up with 20 singers tonight, skipping some singers, handled corrupt songs immediately, no syncing issues like Sax n Dotty, The KJ rotation is a GODsend! I don't have to manage where they go, or what they do and I can show the customers right then and there where they are knowing its all automatic and I can take no liability because it's in the proper order! Now to talk about the robustness of the video and audio keeping up, it was playing a song, downloading 2 songs directly from [the built-in music stores], downloading another from [the] Karaoke Downloads [web site], I was searching [too] and it kept up just fine! It was also nice to import my new songs on the fly *while* karaoke was playing! OMG what? really? yea! This beats Sax n Dotty, Siglos, Karall for the ones they've used.


Rand Steeves

You have to be one of the best site hosts I’ve encountered. It’s great to know there are some humans still out there making things work!

David Rowe

Little weird things like this [little glitch I ran into] are totally overshadowed by the amazingness of the app! I see Apple throwing millions at you for your code so they can put it in iTunes! HOLD OUT!! It's that good...you probably have an idea of how BAD your competition is. NO one is doing Karaoke THIS good. I have had so many compliments at Karaoke parties, especially when the girls request something I don't have. I go to the music store, spend a buck or two and seconds later they are singing! No messy auths, questions or forms. That's SLICK!

I think your app is worth a little more. I'm curious to know if the demograph is willing to pay for maintenance. $50/year seems fair. Have you thought of that? Instant income generation. I've asked my Karaoke hosts who run kJams and they all thought that seemed fair considering what you get. Hmmm...

Bryan "Bucky"

To all subscribers to kJams! I want to write in to kJams about Dave and his work on troubleshooting problems that may occur when you are coming across some hiccups along the way. I am a perfect example on why mistakes are made on kJams! More than likely the mistakes are made by ourselves and we freak out. I was that person until Dave, with his ability to relax me, helped me out a great deal not once but twice. I totally respects his product and I thank him for explaining to me thoroughly and not losing my cool. Thanks Dave, you area genius!

check me out on YouTube!

Robert Cruz

Wrote up an article on his blog. Wow!

Paul Kingham

Hi Dave,

I have been invited to be a guest on the Mac 20 questions (Mac20q) podcast tomorrow, oneof the questions is what is my favourite app, I am going to say kJams, and just wanted to run my response by you first before it's broadcast, hope you don't mind.

I also hope it is good PR for you too :)

Regards Paul

Host: Tell me your Favourite application and some of the best things about it.
Paul: Hmmm, well I guess I would have to pick my karaoke application; it’s called kJams and is written by Dave Cotter over at kJams.com. The program is really versatile for running shows, I can store all my songs and videos in a library which is easy to search, it keeps track of my singers, and what they would like to sing next, takes all the worry about of the nights rotation, so I don’t have to have a hundred bits of paper with peoples names and songs on them beside me.
It happily outputs to a second screen – I use a projector for this so the whole bar can sing along AND most importantly, IT JUST WORKS!
It's crazy too that as a singer, if you have an iPhone (or iPod Touch), you can download iJams, and control your own songlist, you don't even need to speak to me or pick up a book, it's all there remotely, it's amazing!
I’ve been using for it nearly a year and it hasn’t let me down a single time, I used to do shows on a PC and frequently had to fill while I waited for my laptop to reboot, those days are gone!
Plus Dave is a genius, he is updating the features and tweaking what’s there all the time, he even listens to the features people want and writes them in. If all software was this good, and maintained this well, the world would be a better place.

Brian Barckley, DiscMaster Digital DJ

kJams has been the largest advancement in digital music since iTunes as far as I'm concerned.
I have been entertaining for over 14 years -- over 450 weddings -- don't even want to count how many karaoke shows -- might cause a breakdown of some sort. Anyway -- I was the first to be a "Disc" only DJ in my area hence the name DiscMaster -- Never envisioned music much less karaoke being all done by computer. I have been using macs to play DJ music for over 4 years using Mega-Seg. Your kJams is the only program I plan to use for the Karaoke Side... The DiscMaster Approves!

Martin Pittaway

Dear Dave,

Speaking from the other side of the pond, I just have to say that kJams is just so good.

There are many entertainers out there using PC's to play their backing tracks and you just know when things have gone wrong because it takes them so long to get going again.

Once in some 2 years, and then due to the MacBook Pro overheating, did the system fail. But in less time than it took me to tell a joke to my audinece, a fan switched on pointing at the Mac, and we were back in business.

Nothing else competes and you're worth every penny.

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks

Cambridge, England

DJ MarkG

Dave, I just wanted to thank you for a great piece of work that just gets better and better, I have been using kJams for a long time and in real terms apart from if I recall one bug its never let me down.

When the bug with threads did surface we had it fixed in about 20 mins and then a full fix overnight.

In short I have tried them all and NOTHING beats k-Jams its a winner hands down. I have some regular gigs and the great thing about k-Jams is the speed at which you can work I only need to carry two one hour mixes for inter singer entertainment and the average switch speed it around 3 seconds. My reputation has been built by using the right tools David and your kJams products keep me well ahead of the disk only boys.

P Well done and thanks for a great product
then like a week later...

Tonight, at a very select gig, for the first time I had kJams operating at full tilt with a 3G wireless connection to the net. A singer requested a song that I did not have and whilst two girls were singing one song the tune I requested from the store downloaded and was added to the library :shock: .

The singers could not see anything, it was transparent to them 8) , I wanted to try this in a live pressure gig , and it delivered yet again.

Not sure if its the first time its been tried live but it worked 100%, and guess what I had to do it again just after.

Thanks Dave for your hard work, not sure if anyone else has tried this it may be a first, but to be able to download a song there and then is way cool.

More :idea: vendors maybe Sing To The world Dave would be way cool.....

Long and Short kJams delivers every time I would not swap it for any other system.

Thanks again Dave, keep up the great work.. :D :P

SABRINA - Major Mayhem Karaoke

"Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?" I just wanted to remind you how FRIGGIN COOL life is with your softwares.... the softwares that breath through your energy.

TJ Bosshardt - B.Y. Entertainment

I could have bought a PC for much cheaper and a free or cheap Kj program but I refuse to do anything other than Mac and kJams you are a genius / angel! Anything other than Mac and kJams is a waste of money. I have been a KJ since the late 80's when we used tapes then giant lasers and have seen this phenomenon through since the beginning and kjams is a dream come true. Nothing can match kJams. (I'm a girl so Will You Marry Me?) Also, when I was shopping for a program last year, I wasn't rich enough to gamble money so when I read your program warning about possible bugs I thought twice, however, what made me gamble on it was the fact that you seemed so upfront and then all the testimonials. You can add mine to the list of your love letters! The only thing that beats the actual program's performance is your awesome Tech support. Thank you.

Eric Shoaf - Good Vibrations Mobile DJ Service

I am a professional part-time mobile DJ working the high desert. I recently decided to upgrade my PC to Apple.

The first problem that I encounter was finding a karaoke program that would read in my kma files. Next was to find a program that functioned in a live karaoke venue.

I searched the internet high and low, but could not find a program to read the kma files until I contacted kJams. I was surprised in the quick replies and support from kJams. Dave Cotter worked with me every step of the way to ensure I could use my older files with having to do any conversion.

The technical support given by Dave Cotter, has been outstanding!!! I would highly recommend for anybody looking for professional, easy-to-use karaoke program to tryout and purchase kJams!

You will be glad you did!


From his quote in The Forums

Some time ago I was asked to look at another karaoke program so I could present using somebody else's kit, so I Learned a bit about the program in question and today I did my first show with it and it made me realize just what a bril program kJams is. I always knew Kjams was good, what with all the features, but to actually use another program really hammers the point home. I will have to continue using this other program cos the person I'm presenting for won't change to mac, but when I got home from presenting I wanted to cuddle the kjams program but thats not possible,so, I opened kJams and just played around with it, how soothing it was.

Elisabeth Daley

kJams is AWESOME.!!!!!!!

I am a professional full time Disc Jockey, Singer, Entertainer and Karaoke Hostess and having a reliable program to run karaoke on my MAC has been absolutely amazing! I looked around for years and was so pleased when I came across kJams. You must buy this program if you are a MAC user and need to run karaoke. I'm not kidding. kJams to the rescue!!!!!

(Personally, I wouldn't use a PC to run any professional music program if my life depended upon it - - yuck)

I am not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination. I learn in the trenches out of necessity. I like programs to do what they are supposed to do and often I expect "said program" to read my mind. kJams always does what I ask and usually can read my mind and it's only "in development". Imagine what will happen when it's "finished".

Dave's customer support is beyond belief. He has always been available for tutorials and tech support and has more than once rescued me from my own stupidity - - - all the while being patient and friendly. He gets 100 gold stars!!!!

The program is simple and very, very user friendly - - - like many MAC programs. . . .and it's mostly idiot proof - - - thank goodness.

As a cabaret artist, I can create "playlists" and line up all my chosen songs, in the proper key and "have at it " for a cabaret performance, either cueing the songs to go back to back without my interference - - - or pause until I command the playlist to continue if I have any dialogue to deliver. You can even use the Apple Remote in the palm of your hand.

Yeah - - - here's a cool feature - - - once a song is in a playlist and a key is designated - - - kJams remembers and always plays the song in the proper key. Think of it as the band that can't complain about the key you wish to sing your song. Bonus - - - you can create as many playlists as you need.

Bottom line. The best money I ever spent for a karaoke program - - - hands down. It's worth double the price or more!!!!!!

If you have a MAC and need to run karaoke - - - buy this program!!! Don't wait! It's brilliant!

If you're sick of the "skips" and "stutters" and "freezes" of PCDJ - - -buy a MAC - - - then buy kJams

FYI: Many internal DVD drives don't recognize CDG discs, therefore importing is impossible. I purchased an external DVD drive, the Plextor PX-712UF and have had no difficulty ripping CDG's into kJams.

I'm a real person - - call me for a referral. 757-566-4530 or email at the link below.

Roger Bowring

I have been using kJams Pro for over four years and have found this program to be the best KJ program for the Mac for running a Karaoke show. I have followed this program through most of it's developmental stages and it just keeps getting better and better. It plays Karaoke tracks with far superior fidelity and accuracy than the best hardware Karaoke machines on the market, even when the key is changed several steps, thus allowing the singer to hear his/her track undistorted in the key of his/her individual voice range.

The kJams interface keeps your library extremely well organized enabling the KJ to make playlists for individual singers and to play individual tracks with a single mouse click - far more efficient than hunting through CD folders for discs and placing in and removing from a Karaoke hardware machine enabling the KJ to "keep the show going" without any "dead air space."

Even more impressive than the program itself, is the technical support given by Dave Cotter, the software creator of this ingenious program. I have limited knowledge about computers and Dave has provided the most prompt and generous tech support imaginable, even three to four hours at a time in telephone and computer remote control tech support! I have never received such tech support from any other software vendor/developer! Dave's tech support is unsurpassed!

Therefor, I highly recommend kJams! You certainly will be amazed by it's wealth of features, quality of sound and phenomenal tech support!

Joey Everett

(after a new release)
Thanks so much David, can't wait to check out the upgrade.
I can't imagine kJams being any better - I freaking love it!!!
It makes my life as a part time KJ so much easier.
Thanks so much for a phenomenal program as well as your phenomenal support!


I have been using kJams for about 1 year. It just keeps getting better. As far as I am concerned, this is the best program I've ever seen for computer Karaoke. The tech support is especially excellent. Some time ago I had a bug related to UNICODE. The problem was really vexing and prevented me from creating song lists. Dave took the time and was concerned enough about the bug to remotely operate my computer to discover the cause. It was fixed immediately! All of the features work even though my CD burner is not on the list (La Cie 15X CD/DVD). The program is feature loaded even while still not even in the beta stage of development. Keep up the good work. When the final version is ready, I'm ready to buy.



Based on the overwhelmingly positive response you must get from all who have benefited from and enjoyed your product, it's tough to imagine how I can add to that in a significant way...much like the voter who wants to be heard but realizes his vote is just one among millions. So I hesitate, even though I've been using KJams for a little while now and will always consider it the best $40 I've ever spent. How much more encouragement can you take? Your commitment to developing such a piece of software whose core users consider indispensable is more fueled by passion than recognition. But, in the end, I would be remiss. It's worth a try. So here goes. Thanks, Dave. KJams is the shit.

Shawn Meunier

after fixing a bug for him…

Thanks a mil, even though we've had a couple hick ups - I still think its the best piece of software out there for karaoke hosting… and yer dedication to makin it the best it can be, is amazing.

DJ Maxx


This program is AMAZING!!! I love it! You Rock! Keep up the good work!


I had a problem with KJams tonight and reported it to Dave. He found a bug, and is going to fix it (video/music sync). Thing is, he was working with me on this at 3:00AM eastern time! He is the man when it comes to customer service! ... I thought I'd give him the kudo's now!

Later that day...

You must be the hardest working man in show business! Went to bed at 3:00AM and posted the fix at 10:00AM the next morning. Wow. There are a lot of companies out there that could learn from you.


Sean Trotter


I know you cannot hear this but you are getting a standing ovation right now!!!!!! You will probably get tired of hearing from us, but my partner emailed you earlier, and I have been playing with your demo version of kjams pro for about 30 minutes, and I had to send you my regards as well. We have been searching for a while, and [...] saw that we could try it out, we got excited, but that does not come close to describing what we are feeling now. If you could have gone into our heads and made exactly what we wanted, this would be it. There is nothing missing.

If you in the Northeast, you have dinner and or drinks on us whenever. Thanks for what you are doing.

Thanks Again,

P.S. please quote us: "This is the best karaoke software ever...seriously"

r g

You are the most dedicated shareware author I have ever seen--KUDO's once again, you rock! Best software $$$ i've ever spent. your product was literally an answer to my dreams, and.. it just keeps getting better. It was a FANTASY of mine to have itunes--for karaoke..and then it was here. having a lot of fun with it and it's totally changed the way we do karaoke. Super impressed by the continual tweeks and updates of the product--on the path to perfection. Customer satisfaction/support is phenomenal as well.

Then like a year later...

You are the most hands-on software developer I've ever known. Kudo's again for unparalled support. I've never seen 110% commitement to buyers like yours.

Stephen in Savannah

David, you are wizard. This program is really coming together. [...] I'm a blessed man having this program available to free me from lugging around a big pile of CD's and inserting and reinserting over and over. A few clicks on the search finds a song instantly. And it works very well other than some of the gig weary discs that were covered with scratches and hamburger grease. [...] Even the professional Karaoke machine I've been using had a hard time with some of them. [...] For my applications, so far you program is just what I've needed. [...] I remain committed to your kJams program. There is little else that can compare to what you have achieved in the Mac world.

Nick Toth

Your quick response with useful information speaks volumes about your commitment to your product and your interest in your customers needs! And you can quote me!

David Leu

Support on programs are usually very bad but you seem like you care.

Angus G. Nicholson III

Dude, have I told you lately how much you absolutely RAWK!? [...] Everything [...] is so professional and clean. [...] I've got to give you props! This software is going to take over my world very soon! You're doing an awesome job!!

__   _______ ____  _
\ \ / / ____/ ___|| |
 \ V /|  _| \___ \| |
  | | | |___ ___) |_|
  |_| |_____|____/(_)

MINE MINE MINE! BUaahahahahahah! (wringing hands evily)

Chris Bigelow

Thanks for all your help. Had I not had it, my new business would have floundered on day one. [...] I am using kJams extensively on my laptop for professional applications. [...] It worked admirably well in my gigs. [...] So, you've got yourself a lifelong customer for kJams, straight up.

Bruno F.

This is the best customer support I've ever seen. [...] Thanks for your continued support Dave.

Then later...

I have always admired those who not only invent, manufacture, sell, but more importantly stand behind their product. After the first glitches (mainly the result of my not reading the manual/FAQs), I happened to realize how dedicated to kJams Dave is. But it was only this week that I realized the extent of his committment to his customers' satisfaction. After I ran into a weird bug, Dave offered to call and spend the necessary time to fix the bug. Although I was a bit skeptical as to how he would do that, at the time said he was on the phone, took control of my Powerbook and spent a couple of hours debugging the situation. Result: the bug has been fixed. All with courtesy and an unbelievable patience. This guy knows what he's doing and he's such a fast typist :-) His last sentence of the chat session was: "It's my job, and I love my job". Dave, it shows! You're a God. Thanks again for your support. Bruno
Sorry no email.

Joe Paradis

Thanks for your help.

Your product, like your service, and like Apples products, are the berries.

I will let others know of your kJams. It is a good thing, this softrware.

The best to you.

Then later...

About a year ago (?? how time flies) I sent my first testimonial of only a few good words.

Since then I have loaded about 1800 songs inot kJams.

I have also shown kJams to PC people.

One in particular is going to buy a MiniMac just to use kJams.

Everyone who sees your product is amazed how good a product it is.

It is the best software purchase I have ever made.

I use it every day.

I do not know what competing software packages are out there but I don't know what they could offer that I neede or woudl want--except burn capability and you will get there with that.

Thanks for your genius and I look forward to your future enhancements.

Aurelius Prochazka

kJams has been one of my favorite Mac OS X programs since the day David released the very first version. Before kJams I kept a Windows PC around just for Karaoke, but I've never needed it since! But what's really amazing about David is that he not only made a Karaoke player, but he made the gold standard by which all others must be judged. kJams is now rich with great features like playlists, speed controls, pitch shifting and more. Great job David!

PJ No Dot

[after learning of the Burning plugin:]
Will you marry me...............I think I'm in love. You rock so F*ing hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love kJams!
And the fact that it is better than everything I've seen for the PC!
When I show people how it works and how automatically it sets up your rotation, how easily it is to find songs without using a spreadsheet program, and how simple it is to import new music into the library they are stunned!
You have to use three different programs [on a PC] to do the same thing kJams does.
I don't think the developers of the other [karaoke] software are real world users [like you are].

Brian Marshall


I'll have you know I'm just a recreational karaoke singer who likes the hosts where he sings, but they never have the stuff I want to sing.

Somebody turned me onto [computer karaoke], and your software is INCREDIBLE. I can't believe how good it is.

I would/have NEVER paid so much for shareware that I use for pleasure, but I think you more than earned it. GREAT stuff!