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The CD+G Museum
Karaoke Blogs is the site for Karaoke Junkies. Here you'll find Karaoke shows near you, lyrics to your favorite Karaoke songs, share your Karaoke stories, and more. KJ's can create their own Profies with a blogs and keep their show schedules online and up-to-date and members can rate KJs

Where do I go for Karaoke

Marco's (Formerly Petosa's)
Taster's Wok

Cool Karaoke Folks

Definitive Karaoke

Cool Folks In General

John Stiver

Karaoke stuff you might also find interesting

Disco Lights is what i do for my lighting
CDGFix for windows users who need some excellent karaoke tools.
Mac: BackgroundMusic take control of the volumes of all other apps. No accidental sounds over the speakers!
OMG Make your own karaoke!
iPod Karaoke
Karaoke Dot Com
Karaoke Scene And their Forums
Top Hits Monthly
Session Music
Karaoke Direct
Pro Burn
WARNING: Scam Site: Karaoke Info (realm). If you're willing to illegally download karaoke music, you can do it for free, no need to pay this scammer to show you how. Disclaimer: I do not condone doing illegal things, personally.

DJ stuff you might also find interesting

Wow this makes your audio sound REALLY good!
SoundByte manager
National Association of Mobile Entertainers
Mobile Beat Magazine

Non-karaoke, but still interesting

Radio University
MusicThing BlogSpot
Guitar Center