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What's our privacy policy? Basically that your info belongs to YOU and ONLY you. We will never in a bazillion years give out your info to anybody for any reason whatsoever. Period.

We will ONLY use your email address to write directly to you about updates to kJams, or to follow up on bugs. That's it. If you write to me and say "unsubscribe" i swear i will personally remove your name from the mailing list.

There are no advertisments on my entire web site, there is no click tracking, there is no data gathering of any kind at all. Update: Okay i've installed Google Analytics. This does not gather personal or personally identifiable information. What I get is stuff like: how many downloads, how many computers hit what pages, what geo-location clicks come from, what referring search terms lead people to the site. If you really want to know in detail exactly the kind of data I can get from this, get more info here.

I personally hate spam and the methods used to harvest email addresses. I even obfuscate any email addresses that are shown on the wiki, so that spambots can not see them. (eg: Testimonials: these email addresses are used with permission)

Technically: Okay i geocode your mailing address into a push pin for the Map, but there's no way anybody can glean personal info about that, all they can possibly get out of it is a latitude, longitude and town name, since that's the only info available on the map. You are free to add whatever info you want to your push pin, however.