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Where can I download karaoke

Try the built in Music Store!

  • KaraokeVersion € 2.49 EUR
  • Sunfly USD$2.50 per track.
  • BuyKaraokeDownloads 79¢ - $1.49 per track
  • CAVS: 99¢ - $1.99 per track. Take Note: These songs come with 3 files: the MP3, the CDG and a ".mcg" file that is ignored by kJams.

What drives are supported? What drive do you recommend?

I recommend a Lightscribe (LightOn or LaCie). See the section on Compatible Drives.

How do I show the lyrics on a TV?

What Type of TV do you have?

  1. Older: SD, analog TV: What port do you have on your computer?
    1. S-Video
    2. Mini-DVI
    3. Normal DVI
    4. Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt
  2. Modern: HD, digital TV: again: what port is on your computer?
    1. Mini-DVI
    2. Normal DVI
    3. Mini-Displayport or Thunderbolt.
    4. HDMI: just use an HDMI cable

Now read this article on setting up your External Monitor (Mac), (Windows). More excellent links here.

How do i rip to an external drive?

See the section on Moving.

How do i buy the plugins

See Purchasing

iTunes keeps opening when i stick in a CD

Read the instructions for Ripping

When I import (Add to Library), all the song meta data is in the "song name" field, rather than properly listed under name, artist, album


Certain discs have totally wrong names and track listings?

See the next question as a primer to this question, only substitute "no names" with "wrong names" You see, the inventor of the CDDB created a system to automatically identify discs by summing up the durations of all the songs (in seconds). This is not very precise and WILL cause some discs to get the SAME identifier. More info here. To fix the issue, see the answer next FAQ question, just below.

Certain discs have no song names, they all say "Track 01, Track 02" etc, where are the names?

See the article on Fetching Metadata.

Songs have somehow gone missing!?


How do I find or remove duplicates

See the section on Preset Playlists

What is the playlist called "* Songs Not Renamed"?

* Songs Not Renamed

Can I get kJams to burn using my 3rd party drive?

If your drive does not show up as a burner, then you must install PatchBurn. This allows you to burn CD's using 3rd party drives. No more "unsupported" message.

Trying to burn, I get "DRStatusStateFailed", whaa??

See Failed Burn.

I ran into a problem / bug, what should I do?

Please see Bug Reporting.

Can you please add XYZ feature that is in iTunes?

Yes. Here's the metric: if iTunes does it, eventually kJams will too. These things take time, but that's the plan.

How long until I have to pay again?


Why should I buy this instead of iStar?

See Compare.

When I submit to freedb, I get an email indicating an error

Submission Problems

How do I manually send you the Log File or Crash Report?

Check out Logs.

How do I print song books?

See Printing.

kJams is stuck in tryout mode

Read up about Activations.

Please explain "Rotation", or What's the difference between "Rotation" and "KJ Rotation"?

See Rotation

Why are the graphics so blocky?

See Jagged Graphics

Can kJams be remotely controlled?

You bet! Go to the Remote Control page, and also see the Web Server page.

How do I import my monster library?

Check out Importing

Can kJams play or import VCD / SuperVCD / DVD / LaserDisc / MIDI karaoke / QuickTime?

kJams can play CDG format karaoke and all QuickTime compatible file formats including MPEG 1, 2 & 4. Note that it does not play KAR and MIDI, tho it can manage them. For ripping and playing formats other than CD+G, click here.

Can kJams play RSQ NEO+G discs?

Yes, kJams can play NEO+G discs.

Can kJams play CAVS ".mcg" and ".ncg" files? What about SuperCDG discs?

YES! Just load them up! Here's some info on how to Glean the Meta Data from them.

Can kJams play MTU ".kma" files?

Unfortunately not any more. Used to be able to use Flip4Mac but that no longer exists.

Can kJams play TriceraSoft ".kmf" files?

Yes but only after they are converted using "Elite Conversion Tools".

How do I consolidate and/or move my library to an external volume?

Check out Consolidating and Moving

How do I rebuild my library?

to start fresh from scratch, like you did uninstall - reinstall, click Rebuild

Why does kJams rename all my music files?

Conform Song Names

I am having a "permissions problem"?


Can my mac video go to analog (component) HDTV or 1080i?

In fact it probably can! See HDTV.

Can my old iMac or eMac or iBook use a TV as a 2nd display?

Check out this, or this. You'll find this interesting too. You'll need this or this (same link) too, depending on the type of port your have, check your computer's documentation.

How can I add even more displays?

Try this USB video. For desktop machines, you just need to add another video card, or use the dual head of your main card if you have one. For video out to an iPad, try this. Another option is DisplayLink, it will work perfectly for CD+G videos. You *may* experience some artifacting or latency with movie videos (MPEG, AVI, MOV etc).

How do I use Preset Playlists?

Check out Preset Playlists

Why is searching so slow?

Read about Slow Searching.

What are you doing accessing the internet on startup?

kJams is requesting the file: http://www.kjams.com/downloads/version.xml so that it can compare your version with the latest on the server. kJams will NEVER gather or send personal information anywhere, ever. No I don't do statistical profiling either. Use LittleSnitch if you're paranoid. You can shut it off in the Preferences.

What are all those crazy xml files being created for?

Meta Data Files

How do I remove vocals from a song?

With "Multiplex" it's easy, other than that usually you can't, but you can try. See Vocal Reduction.

Where is my Serial Number stored?

Serial Number

Can I stream the audio to AirTunes?

Yes, using a third party program called AirFoil. Once the music starts going to AirTunes, there is about a 2 second latency in the audio, so in the menu bar pick "Controls->Global Slip AirFoil", which should compensate for the latency. If it is not exact you can fine tune the latency with the other Global Slip commands. More info on Slipping.

What are the minimum requirements?

Go Here

Got info on decoding CD+G streams?

Technical info on the CD+G format

What are your Development Stages?

Go to Development Stages

How do I change the Drive Letter (windows)?

see how to Change Drive Letter

Where did it come from?

The graphics decoder is based on code from Jim Bumgardner. The pitch bending is based on the SoundTouch library. The zip format support came from zlib. The audio player, and some other stuff came from Apple or Windows sample code. Shoping cart by eSellerate. AppleRemote support by Martin Kahr. Decoding / demuxing of MPEG1 and MPEG2 optionally provided via FFmpeg. Encoding to MP3 optionally provided by LAME. ID3 tag support (meta info) by ID3Lib. Vorbis support (including tag editing) provided by Xiph. The rest I wrote in C++, heavily relying on CoreFoundation and the STL.