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You want an external monitor (most likely a TV screen) to show the singer and the audience the lyrics screen, while you work away in the Browser window on the main screen. That way, the audience doesn't see your twiddling around, and the singer can focus on the thing they want to see, the karaoke lyrics!

  1. get your second screen hooked up to the computer.
  2. go to the Apple menu and pick "System Preferences"
  3. click the "Displays" icon
  4. click on the "Arrangement" tab in the tab bar at the top of the window
    1. if you do NOT see the tab bar, then click the "Detect Displays" button. If you do not see "Detect Displays", then hold the Option (Alt) key.
    2. if doing so does not create an "Arrangement" tab, then your monitor is not properly plugged in or turned on or connected or something. You'll have to figure out that part.
  5. Look at the bottom of the window. Do you see "Mirroring" checkbox? If it is checked, you must UN-check it
  6. step back and look at the physical arrangement of your displays
    In this example my main computer monitor (smaller) is physically on the right side and the second (larger) display is physically to the left of it (in your case the one on the left would be your TV screen, and may actually appear to be the smaller one).
  7. now go back and look at your "Arrangement" in the window. In my example, you can see that the virtual arrangement is backward, the second (larger) screen is on the wrong side of the main (smaller) screen
  8. so i must drag the box representing my second display (the larger on the right), over to the left of the box representing my main display (the smaller one), now it looks like this:
  9. now you should be all set! Close the System Prefs window
  10. run kJams
  11. show the Video window
  12. drag the video window off the screen in the physical direction of your second display (literally drag the window all the way PAST the edge of the screen)
  13. you will now see it on your second display
  14. double click inside the video window
  15. you are now in "Full Screen" mode
  16. move the mouse pointer back to the main screen
  17. if the Video screen still has a menu bar, here's how you fix that.
  18. play a song!
  19. Rejoyce!