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In priority order

  1. install PHPBB_Auth (it relies on a deprecated but still functioning plugin, i think we should just use it anyway, and wait for an update or better / new phpBB auth plugin)
  2. do we need the "davecotter.php" wiki extension that you wrote?

ignore for now

  1. my mail server is marked as spam for some reason. email that is bouncing is from to
  2. users who are not me can't edit the wiki. eg: try logging in as user: mungun, ask me for the password for that. when you click submit you get a blank page
  3. migrate EIMS mail from kuulei to new system on libre. you had recommended one but i don't remember what it was and i lost the link
  4. figure out how to get SQL to work with SIP. This thread seemed helpful, suggesting that you can perhaps just turn SIP back on after you install it?
  5. investigate "Single Sign On" for everything using LDAP (wordpress, forum, mediawiki) & directory services

Completed stuff

  1. figure out hairpinning on edge router
  2. figure out DNS with NAMO (yes both, for "belt AND suspenders") <-- in process with NAMO tech support, ignore for now
  3. upgrade mediawiki, so it will become compatible with php7
  4. upgrade to phpBB 3.3, same reason <-- last time you'll have to do this. after this future updates are one-click (like wordpress)
  5. upgrade php to 7 (use the MAMP GUI on libre), don't forget apache2handler if that's relevant
  6. fix what breaks in wordpress, wiki, phpbb if anything
  7. re-enable SQL backup script on "extra" (use LaunchControl app in dock to manage?)
  8. fix SQL not starting up after reboot
  9. enable file sharing to servers. may need to open ports? or... ??
  10. DDOS from china: create a more comprehensive solution
  11. DDOS from china: mitigate the attack ***well enough*** for now
  12. wordfence is blocking phpbb admin
  13. using edge router firewall now. enable Murus firewall again, test all services. i had disabled it cuz something wasn't working, and i forget what, and i swear i sent an email/text/skype to you about what it was, but i can't find it!! :/
  14. trasposh translation tables are missing? update: since then a user has done some more translations, so if you FIND the old tables, please merge the new stuff into the old, keeping the new stuff if it's duped
  15. get the web server actually functioning for (it's refusing connections. i've restarted, didn't help. also determined it's not the firewall)
  16. disable SSLv3. see this page and this page. Note this may already be done due to updating to Sierra Server!
  17. get SquirrelMailz going again
  18. redirects to HTTPS still don't work, eg: or
  19. upgrade phpBB
  20. replace forum captcha with "i'm not a robot" checkbox, or go right for the next hotness
  21. fix wordpress infection done! YAAAY!!!!
  22. migrate ho-omaka-hou services to dev for testing (we COULD literally clone ho-omaka-hou, then "upgrade" it, i wonder if that would work?)
    1. web sites, some with SSL
    2. perforce server -> likely requires upgrade to latest
    3. SSH, File Sharing, Time Machine
  23. finialize that migration, decommission old VM
  24. do above for kuulei
    1. EIMS -> Apple Mail server
    2. LIFXStyle, Simon, Growl, SecuritySpy, iStat (apps)
    3. SSH, File Sharing, Time Machine
  25. get everything into perforce
  26. need a mail-list solution, with these capabilities:
    1. bulk import (probably they all have that)
    2. auto subscribe when a purchase happens
    3. end user can easily manually unsubscribe from
  27. add a link in the forums (at the top) to go to the WP site, another for Bugzilla site: (but now i wonder if there's any real value in using a separate, user-facing bug tracker, since i use Trello for EVERYTHING like that anyway?)
  28. update mysql
  29. sanitize inputs (edit the script)
  30. fix broken auto-updater for wordpress (old plugins insecure, hacker already got in)
  31. update WP, and all plugins
  32. update forums
  33. update wiki, php (don't forget "apache2handler")
  34. investigate "Single Sign On" for all these items
    1. phpbb (this is the root sign on)
    2. wiki (members of "wiki" group are editors)
    3. kjams bugzilla (all forum members are automatically allowed to post bugs)
      1. bugzilla "register account" links should go to forum registration
  35. make the wiki logo link to instead of
    • Above accomplished by adding change_main_page_url() function to DaveCotter extension configurable with $wgDaveCotter['hooks']['change_main_page_url'] in LocalSettings.
  36. clean up the root directory of (if we don't need it, just delete, if we do, archive it?). Basically i want to always have this folder as clean as possible, so, after any experiments or tests, let's delete / remove the traces
    1. brad
    2. bugs_old
    3. bugsx
    4. forum.tar.gz
    5. temp
    6. bugs-test (and the other bugzilla test folders)
    7. forum-test
    8. kjams-forum-bugs(-live).tar.gz
    9. patch-bugs-localconfig.diff
    10. phpBB-3.0.12-test
    11. all the old:
      1. mantisbt
      2. mediawiki
      3. phpbb
  37. identify these things: again if we don't need it, delete, if we do, can you explain them?
    1. time clock
    2. closetruth.php
    3. urchin.js.20120131
    4. siteconf.d "Keep, part of /integrator"
  38. is it simple to move the "Translate" section up one, between "kjams links" and "wiki links"? if not, don't worry about it Done by adding googletranslator to MediaWiki:Sidebar
  39. htaccess redirects (should all go to SSL : HTTPS)
    Proposed url redirects
    Is the intent to redirect all http traffic to https? Update: YES
    with the exception of these resources? Update: no exceptions are required any more
  40. install Bugzilla
  41. delete Mantis
  42. create MySQL dbs for two new wordpress installations (i've created the folders, they currently just have redirects) (i was installing word press, and got to the "create mysql database" part and my eyes got wide)
  43. the "Translate" menu section is empty empty (firefox?). maybe this was due to the htaccess thing? it is available when editing a page, but not when viewing a page?
  44. in the Login screen, Wiki Group Moderator should be a link
  45. click on the above link for "Wiki Group Moderator", seems the security cert is expired? We need a new cert methinks.
  46. I'm working on this: get realms to work for iCal publishing
  47. there is extra gunk in the login screen
  48. the unicode conversion -> hopefully we can convert all old tables to binary unicode
  49. should we update to SQL 5.1? I don't know if there's a compelling reason. if not, skip it
  50. pretty URLs (remove "index.php") i believe there are now sanctioned methods
  51. phpBBB -> update to 2.0.23, should be easy
  52. the feedback form no longer lands on the "thanks for sending us the feedback" page, i tried to look into this but the scripty is all new and confusey
  53. rename wiki from "KJams" to "KJams Wiki", should be one line change but wanted to check with you about unforeseen ramifications
  54. complete installation of ImageMagick (if not already done)
  55. i'm not sure why but the "toolbox" section (under the search box) no longer has "what links here, related changes, printable, permalink" links? i'll try to look into this
  56. check out this link and ensure we're doing things right, please let me know so i can mark this as done
  57. make a script that rolls the mail backup logs, if this isn't a checkbox or automatic
  58. I tried to fix the extensions, but did not figure them out:
    1. email obfuscator: Test Page
    2. Navigational Images: Test Page
  59. certs for &, (we're having that problem again of web mail user sending mail gets an error even tho the mail went thru)
  60. What do these log errors mean, should we be worried?
    1. Jul 23 23:36:11 kuulei postfix/smtpd[29656]: auxpropfunc error no mechanism available
    2. Jul 23 23:42:09 kuulei servermgrd: servermgr_dns: no name available via DNS for
    3. Jul 23 23:42:09 kuulei servermgrd: servermgr_dns: no hostname set and unable to detect via DNS services may not function properly - use changeip to repair
  61. add this again: apache redirect for so it hits
    1. For future reference edit MediaWiki:Edithelppage and change "Help:Editing" to the "" without quotes.
  • in wiki enable french, german and japanese, since i plan to support kJams 1.0 in those languages i'm working on that
  • Fix the wiki URL so it doesn't have index.php
  • also: why in the forum admin panel does it say: "Database size: Not available"?
  • Upgrade the forum to latest
  • in the Login screen, change the text to say:
  • To create an account please register in our forum. Once you have registered send an email to the Wiki Group Moderator a Wiki membership.
  • figure out how I can edit the "navigation" bar at the left (see: Navigation)
    • like add a link to the forum and the main kjams site? like forum and home?
  • Fill in About with the version number of the wiki we're running, and any special mods you've done so somebody else could re-create this setup
  • Remove all references to (eg: from the forum) since i'm going to redirect that to the KJams_Lite_Karaoke_Software page eventually
    • I removed the two links I add. Is this what you where referring to? - brad
    • No, i liked the link to the wiki, that was good. I just wanted to remove the link to the root of
  • make redirect to https? can we do that? or does it have to go to kjams? if so, i'll enable webmail on and we can redirect there
    • I added ssl to Note this does not force them to use it ssl. Not sure is there is a standard way to do this.
    • Update, I disabled webmail for sites running on the port 80 so now webmail is only available on the port 443 site. Seems to work well. Let me know or just change it back if this isn't going to work for you. If you have any links on the site to webmail make sure they are the full path like "". Personally I setup webmail differently. I setup dns for and create a website that servers just the webmail interface.
    • umm, okay, except that I have clients that have it bookmarked to go to the http version. can we put a redirect from http to https so their book marks still work? plus moving it off port 80 makes it fail behind firewalls right? why move it off? brad - because https is port 443. You wanted webmail to redirect from http to https. http port 80, https port 443.
    • Okay, I figured out how to add alias's in Server Admin. Keep in mind I'm used to just editing the httpd.conf files which at this stage are pretty easy for me for the kind of things I do and they (unlike osx server admin) are well doc'ed all over the internet. I'm not saying I don't like it it's just new to me. I also added an alias to to so I don't have to add the same redirect to webmail there to. If you want to change it just make it look like's alias's.
  • can we do spam filters at the server?
    • You should consider upgrading to Tiger Server for Mail Services. We can do spam filtering without it but it looks like a fair amount of work. Here is a OSX Spam Assassin Install HowTo to give you an idea of what is entailed. I am definitely capable of doing it but these kinds of things can take time to get set properly. Mail service could be down for a bit. Let me also look into using those black-hole lists you hate.
    • that's something i'd really like to do, move to Tiger. i have it here. haven't installed it cuz haven't had time, and know it's a nightmare and NOT a one-click operation. or is it now? how hard would it be? I can put the installer in there if you want to take a look. If you decide you're willing to do that, let's first get settled into a good state, and I'll make a full backup.
    • I don't have any expierence upgrading osx "server" from panther to tiger but regular osx has been pretty painless. If you have any links to any gotcha's send them my way. Just make sure you have a backup of /etc /var /usr /opt /Library. "tar -cvzf server_backup.tar.gz /etc /var /usr /opt /Library" from the command line should do it. Might be big and a little time consuming.
  • upgrade SQL & php to latest (to get unicode etc)
  • upgrade the wiki to the latest
  • enable google maps (actually I can do this once we get 1.5)
  • fix the navigation bar
  • make sure login works using forum credentials
  • make sure feedback form works
  • check out: Map and note the index errors. See wiki/extensions/GoogleMaps.php on line 53, i tried to "if" it out, but don't know php actually. also tried wfSuppressWarnings(); in the MonoBook.php file (as the doc suggests) but it did not work
  • upgrade the forum
  • cookies don't work in the forum, it never remembers me, i always have to login, even if i've checked the "remember me" box
  • fix web mail
  • enable image maps I tried to do this myself, see Sandbox.
  • some users are still saying the forum does not send a confirmation / activate their account
  • some users complain that their accounts expire (go inactive) after a time, and I have to manually activate them
  • upgrade to Tiger server (I'll help, we can do that during christmas or the first couple weeks in jan, i'll be home all the time)