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Note: You must have a CD+G capable reader or writer for kJams to rip or burn.
Compare kJams to iStar

What does the Lite version do today?

kJams is a karaoke software jukebox for Mac OS X!

  • Licensing terms allow only private use. In this context, a "private" party is 1) not in public, and 2) less than 20 people. If you are a cat person you do not have to count the cats as people.
  • Built in Music Streaming and/or 1-Click shopping
  • Create Playlists, sort and search them
  • Full Unicode meta data (tag) editing. ID3v2.3, VorbisComments, QuickTime Meta, and Xattr tags.
  • Rip new .cdg files: Just select the ones you want, and drag them into your library!
  • Encode audio with AAC, AppleLossless, WAV, AIFF, LAME MP3, or Ogg Vorbis
  • Ripping and encoding works FAST, in the background, so you can continue to run your show!
  • Plug in a Microphone to sing along!
  • Use the freedb, GraceNote, MusicBrainz or KayJayPro to get meta data: Stick a disc in and it automatically queries the online databases for disc meta info. You can also edit the info and submit back to freedb! More Info. You don't even have to be online to use the freedb!
  • Keep a library: Browse or Search your library, sort by any column! (see Screen Shots)
  • Make Play Lists: Go File->New Playlist. Give it a name. Drag songs into it. Click it. Reorder the songs, delete them. Delete the playlist. (Remember, sort the playlist by "User Sort Order" (the column with the title "#", not "Track #") to manually re-order them)
  • Import and Play existing Audio+G files. Zipped files or unzipped, no problem! Just "File->Add to Library...", select your files, folder, or drive, and hit okay! Interpret the names!, Supports all the popular formats, AIFF, WAV, MP3, AAC, MP4, even BIN / CUE.
  • Search your library or playlists: Just press ⌘-⌥-F to search the current playlist, or press ⌘-F to switch to and search your Library
  • Play Graphics (optionally on a separate monitor or TV screen): Just drag the graphics window onto a second monitor, and press ⌘-0 to get to "Full Screen" mode. You can continue using the first monitor to manage the library window. Or just place and size it however you want!
  • Change Pitch / Tempo independently: Adjust the music pitch to fall within your vocal range! Or change the tempo (speed) of the music. Your settings are saved per song (as opposed to per playlist item)
  • Optionally automatically pause the playlist between songs (see "Pause Between Tracks"), optionally auto-cue the song to the first non-silent sample (see "Skip silence at start of song"), so un-pausing gives instant music (you can always just hit the Auto-Cue button too)
  • Remote Control: Use your iOS device or for mac, use AppleRemote to control kJams
  • Playlist Export: Export the currently displayed playlist to an XML file that you can then use with any application that supports XML, eg: a web application or SQL database. Alternately, just copy the playlist to the clipboard (in tab-delimited format), then you can paste that into eg: Excel or AppleWorks, to create custom song books for printing. Alternately, export the actual files that make up a song (zip or MP3+G) into a folder. (Advanced->Special->Copy all Playlist Files To...)
  • Consolidate and rebuild your library.
  • Switchable Albums & Global Song Ratings
  • Preset Playlists: Find all duplicates, find all songs still in iTunes (then move them into kJams), find all songs that have only audio. Find all corrupted zip files. Got an idea? Let me know!
  • Sync-Slipping: got a song who's graphics are out of sync with the music? Easy fix!
  • Play CD+G discs directly (without manually ripping first)
  • Import and play any QuickTime format
  • Suppress the vocals from a channel (eg: some Karaoke has vocals in the right channel, kJams can remove it)
  • Export Video! Use iTunes to move the resulting movie to your iOS device!
  • Target Mode Move songs to any Playlist with a double-click!
  • re-encode existing songs: Got songs in WAV, AIF, or BIN or BIN/CUE? Simply re-encode in OggVorbis or MP3 or AAC to save lots of space! Got an MP3 and would rather have Vorbis? Just re-encode! (Operates in place so you may want to duplicate your song first if you want to keep an original)
  • Play LRC, Enhanced LRC, UltraStar (SingStar), and TunePrompter files and export them as beautiful high quality quicktime.

What is kJams Pro?