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cdg_bad.gif cdg_good.gif
iStar with a scratchy disc kJams with the same disc

Feature iStar 1.5.3 kJams Lite
Price $50 $40
Keep music folder organized
browse and use iTunes library
Smart Playlists
Super Slick web site with flash graphics
Plays KAR files
Play LRC files
Play AIFF, MP3 + CDG files
Rip CDG tracks or discs (MP3+CDG)
Size the Lyrics screen to different 3 preset sizes
Import existing songs one at a time
Edit song meta info (within database)
freedb "get" (load info from freedb)
Play Enhanced LRC and UltraStar (SingStar) files
Play TunePrompter files
Rip / Play SuperCDG and NEO+G discs
Play MCG, NCG, KMA files?
Play any QuickTime file type
Option for Burning new mix CD+G discs
Option for Producing your own CDG songs
Change pitch and tempo independently on all audio types
Glitch Free Graphics (see graphics above)
Suppress vocals from one channel
Play direct from disc
Encode (rip) to AAC, WAV, AIFF, AppleLossless, OggVorbis
Export QuickTime, Export for Video iPod
Edit Unicode Metadata Tags (ID3, Vorbis, QuickTime, Xattr)
Make the Lyrics show in a separate window
Set the Lyrics screen to arbitrary size, or full screen
Remote Control (via AppleRemote, or BlueTooth)
Rip CDG & Encode tracks or discs in the background
Import folders of songs, thousands at a time, easily
Import and play zipped files directly
While ripping, automatically Zip the resulting files
full freedb support, including local database and submit
Target Mode for easy playlist creation
Preset Playlists
Pause between tracks
Plug in a microphone to sing along
Export XML
Export actual song files
Switchable Albums
Copy and Paste to print song books
deep web site with lots and lots of info
weekly updates and bug fixes
almost all code changes are documented publicly, as they happen
author actually answers all questions posted to forums
insanely dedicated, nearly instantaneous email tech support
Call the author's cell phone for tech support

Did I miss anything? Did I get anything wrong? If I screwed up something (entirely possible), please let me know so I can correct it, I do NOT want anything misrepresented.