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Right now, Preset Playlists are NOT dynamically updated, so technically they're not "Smart" playlists. That is, after you create them, they are not automatically updated based on the criteria they filter for. If you have made changes to your library that may affect what a Preset Playlist would show, you will need to re-generate it.

Preset playlists are generated from the playlist that is currently selected. So if you want to operate on your Library, please select it first. Searching does not affect what is generated into the new playlist.

Here's an example of how to remove duplicates: Say I want to view duplicate files in my library, then remove any extras beyond the originals.
Note for this feature to work you must have Perfect Metadata.

  1. Select the Library playlist
  2. Go "File->New Preset Playlist->Cull Duplicates (Strict)", wait for it...
  3. Go to newly created "Cull Duplicates (Strict)" playlist
  4. This list contains duplicates other than the first one you added to your library
  5. Select All (because the next command operates on selection)
  6. Go Edit->Trash Original Files. This will not only remove them from your library, and all play lists, it will also move the original files on your hard drive into the trash, so you won't have them in your library ever again.
  7. on Windows: go to the "kJams" folder and put "kJams Trash" into the recycle bin
  8. empty the trash

FYI: The "Strict" ones match against name, artist, AND album. The "Loose" ones only match against name and artist. It is dangerous to use "Cull Duplicates (Loose)" because kjams will pick, at RANDOM, the one to keep, and may end up keeping a terrible version while throwing out the best version. Here's what you do after you do "Cull Duplicates (Strict)":

  1. create a "Duplicate Files (Loose)" list, then select that list
  2. in that list, select ONLY the versions you want to KEEP, paying attention to the ALBUM name to make your choice
  3. press delete (this only removes them from the list, it does NOT actually delete things)
  4. go to step 5 above