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Perfect Metadata is required for a couple features of kJams to work properly. You need it for Switchable Albums and for Finding Duplicates.

To get Perfect Metadata you must ENSURE that all songs that should have the same meta data in a particular column have the EXACT same meta data. This goes for "Song Name" and "Artist Name".


Before you can do this, you must FIRST have your meta data in the correct columns. If all your meta data is in the "Song Name" column (eg: the song name is similar to "AH0214-04- Beatles, The - Bungalow Bill") , you must first correct that by Reinterpreting Names.

How To

For example: search for "beatles" and you may get a list that includes:

beatles, The
The Beatles
Beatles, The
  1. select the one that has the "canonical name" in this case you might choose: "Beatles, The"
  2. THEN select all the rest
  3. sort by PLI (temporarily) (kJams has a bug where it might crash if you're sorted by the thing you're changing)
  4. get info
  5. put a check mark next to Artist name
  6. press OK
  7. go back to sorting by what you had before

Doing this will update the metadata such that all of artist infos are changed to "Beatles, The", now they REALLY are all the same!

You'll have to do the same for song name eg you might search for "Bungalow Beatles" and get this list:

Adventures of Bungalow Bill
The Adventures of Bungalow Bill
Bungalow Bill
Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill
The Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill
Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill, The

Do the same steps as above on them. When you've done this for your entire library, then you can search for duplicates and you can use Switchable Albums.