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To rip or play OGG Vorbis files

  1. download XiphQT 0.1.9 Component package. (This package contains the latest XiphQT package directly from the Vorbis page)
  2. it will download a ".dmg" file to your Downloads folder: double click the ".dmg" file
  3. it will open a window in the Finder with the file "XiphQT" inside
  4. in the Finder, in a new window, go to the folder "/Library" (you can use the Go menu and pick "Go To Folder…" then type that in, with the slash)
  5. In that folder, go to the folder "QuickTime". If there is no folder by that name, create it.
  6. from the window created by the .dmg, drag the file "XiphQT" into the "QuickTime" folder that you just opened

To edit Vorbis Comments

This means, in order to "Get Info…" on a ".ogg" song file and type new Meta Info, and have the file itself updated to contain the new tags, you will need to download and install two separate packages. They must be installed in order, the second installer depends on the first installer having been already run.

  1. The Xiph Frameworks installer package. (From the downloads page)
  2. The VorbisCommentEdit Framework installer package. (Source code, including installer source, available here).