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To make a new playlist, click the "new playlist button" (the plus sign in the lower left), or go to the File menu and pick "New Playlist"

To enable drag and drop reordering, make sure you sort your playlists by index (works in all playlists, including Rotation)

To add songs to a playlist, drag and drop, or you can use Target Mode.

You can show or hide any sort columns you want.

To play your playlist, select it in the Sources list (on the left), then press play (to continue) or double click the song you want to start on.

How to rename a Playlist, Singer, or Venue

To rename something in the "Source" list, first select it, then do one of two things:

  1. click the name again, then don't move the mouse at all (wait half a second)
  2. just press the enter / return key