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Meta data is shown in columns, each column has a "header", the header describes what is shown in the column, eg: Song Name, Artist, Album etc. To *sort* by that colum, just click the column name, like this:
above: sort by Play List Item Index (PLI)

above: sort by Song Name

above: sort by Artist

To sort in reverse order, click it again.

Hiding and Showing

You may hide or show any of these columns, or re-arrange them to suit you. To hide a column, Context Click on the column header, and you'll see the name of that column listed first, with a check next to it, just pick that, and the column will disappear. For example, to hide the *PLI* column, Context Click it, then pick "PLI" at the top of the list, like so:

To Show a column, Context Click on any column header, then pick the name of the column you want to show. For example, to show the "User Sort Order (#)" column, Context Click *anywhere* in any column header, and pick "#" from the list, like so:

above: now you can sort by # (User Sort Order)


To re-arrange a column horizontally, pick it up and drag it.

To re-size a column, put the pointer on the borderline between two columns, and the pointer will change to a "resize" cursor, then drag.

Copying a layout from one Playlist to another

Once you have a layout you like, you can just use copy and paste to set the same arrangement on another Playlist.

  1. select the playlist who's arrangement you wish to copy
  2. go Edit->Copy
  3. select the playlist who's arrangement you'd like to replace
  4. go Edit->Paste