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Click for general information on Sorting.

For each playlist you're interested in manually re-arranging (which is probably all of them) you must be sorted by "#" in order to drag and drop to reorder them.

if you don't see a column heading called "#", scroll to the right, it may be out of the window. if you see it, pick it up and drag it back to the left so it becomes the left most column.

if you didn't see it when scrolling to the right, then scroll back to the left, then Context Click on the column headers, and you'll get a popup. pick "#" from the list.


above: now you can sort by # (User Sort Order)
That means you have to CLICK on "#" in order to start sorting by that sort column. Merely SHOWING the sort column does not sort by it.

Make sure you've done this in each playlist that you want to manually sort that doesn't already have it, including rotation if necessary. you probably don't need it for Library (i keep mine sorted by name or artist)

while you're at it, remove "PLI" and don't use it.

When printing CD covers, use "Track #" instead.
When printing song books, you want the "Song ID" (because these IDs will never change, while "#" will change and so will "PLI" and even "Track #" can change. if you use unique IDs to refer to your songs, use "Song ID".

Drag and Drop ordering

  1. sort by #
  2. select the song(s) you want to move
  3. drag them and drop them ONTO the song that you want your selection to land BEFORE. ie: you don't drop between songs, you must drop ON a song. Your selection will land BEFORE the song you dropped onto.

I know this is lame. I plan to re-write it to show a little indicator between songs (like iTunes) and also allow you to drop between songs.