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To Play a song, select a song and press the space bar or the play/pause button, or double click the song. Note for Pro: When a rotation is running, double click will not start a new song, yu must stop the current song manually before starting a new song.

To Cue a song is to start playback at the moment of the first audible sound sample. This way you can skip long silent introductions. Select a song and press the tiny double right-arrow button to the right of the "Next" button. Or choose "Cue to start" from the Controls menu.

To Pause the song, press the space bar or the play/pause button.

To Scrub the song, drag the diamond "playhead" across the [Screen_Shots#LCD_Panel|LCD Panel]

To Stop a song, press cmd-period (⌘-.), [ESC], or under the Control menu, choose Stop.

To go to the next song, use the "Next" command ("right arrow" key or "double right triangle" round button). Pro: A song will be marked as "sung" by a singer *if* you forward to the Next song after 60% of the song has completed.

To Rewind a song, use the "Back" command AFTER at least 4 seconds have elapsed in the song. If you press "Back" during the first 4 seconds, you will skip to the previous song.

You can adjust the pitch, tempo, or vocal track of the song while it is playing.