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Note: You must have a CD+G capable reader or writer for kJams to rip or burn.

What does kJams Pro do today?

It does everything that kJams Lite does, plus:

  • Licensing terms allows public performance (The Lite version is NOT licensed for public performance)
  • Venues: A venue is a location that has it's own set of singers. Mobile KJ's, when arriving at a particular venue, can simply switch kJams to that venue, and all the singers that frequent it will then be available. In addition, Singers can be moved or aliased between venues using the Finder. For example, if Dave shows up at Venue A, and also frequents Venue B, you can make an alias to Dave from Venue A, and place it in the Venue B folder. You can rename the alias so it does not collide with someone already at Venue B. When a singer modifies their favorites, history or "Tonight" list from the alias, it actually modifies the original, so when they go back to Venue A, all their changes show up there too.
  • Singers: Each singer get's their own "Tonight" playlist, as well as "Favorites" and "History". They can change the pitch or tempo for any song in any of their lists (and it will always be remembered). They can reorder their "Tonight" list up 'till the moment they sing. If they leave the show and come back another night, their que is still there, picking up where they left off, or they can start over. Each singer can rate songs, and change pitch and tempo, separately from other the library and other singers' settings.
  • Rotation: The Rotation list is built from singers who are marked "here" and who have items in their "Tonight" list. You can see how many times a singer has ever sung, or how many times they've sung a particular song. Use the "KJ Rotation" list to reorder the rotation, use the "Singers" list to mark who is "here". The Rotation is tied to the venue, so when you switch Venues, the Rotation is also changed.
  • Switchable Songs: Lets you quickly and easily pick a different song for a singer to sing, from that singer's "Tonight" list, and you do it right within the "KJ Rotation" playlist.
  • QuickTime Export Easily convert from CDG to any QuickTime format!
  • The Artwork panel can show a copy of what's playing in the video window (in case you can't see the video window)
  • Scripting (Mac Only) lets you control all aspects of kJams using AppleScript
  • kJams Server: you can use any web browser (on any computer and OS, including the iPhone or blackbery) to get to the server. In the web browser, it let's singers log in, search your Library, browse their singer's History, Favorites, and Tonight lists, amd add / reorder / remove songs in their Tonight list. Also change a song's key. So you can set up a few stations around the room for singers to log in simultaneously, or folks can just use their iPhones :)
  • ShowScreens: Lets the creative KJ create and show graphic screens optionally with messages, or customized "who's up next" rotation screens. Several starter templates are included.

Upgrade Pricing

If you already have kJams Lite, the upgrade price is only USD $70. Just run kJams Lite and go to the Help menu and pick "Upgrade"

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