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A Singer is someone who goes to one or more Venues. They can keep a list of songs they want to sing Tonight, and also maintain a list of Favorite songs. Automatically kept for them is a list of songs they have sung in their History. With default preferences, when you add a song to a singer, the singer is are automatically added to the Rotation (ie: marked as "Here").

To create a new Singer and immediately add song(s) for them, search out their first song, Context Click it, Add to Singer -> New Singer. Done! Then, if you wish, you can put this Singer in to Target Mode, so it is ready for assigning additional songs.

  • Shortcut: you can do a Find In Library without the mouse: Command-Shift-F
  • Shortcut: you can Context Click on newer MacBook trackpads in a variety of ways. See your System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Trackpad -> "secondary click")

To create a new singer without adding songs right away, choose New Singer from the File menu, or press the New Singer button (the plus sign with the little "user" icon next to it, at the bottom left).

Click the disclosure triangle next to the singer to reveal their 3 playlists, "Tonight", "Favorites" and "History". You can browse any playlist to find songs you want, and drag the songs you want into Tonight or Favorites, or just drag it onto the Singer icon itself (that way, you don't really need to click the disclosure triangle to reveal the playlists). Songs dropped onto the Singer will go into their Tonight list.

Alternately, you can double click the Singer, which sets that singer as the "Target". Now, when browsing any playlist (including the Library) for songs, when you find a song you want, just double click it and it will be added to that singer's Tonight list.

If you set the pitch, tempo or rating for any song under a singer, it will be permanently remembered for that singer.

If there is a singer that goes to more than one venue, you can easily add them to another venue. For more info on that, see Venues.

A Singer can also have a Nickname. To edit the Nickname, show the "Singer Nickname" meta data column on the "Singers" playlist (the Venue playlist). The default is just the singer's name. The Nickname will then be shown in the Rotation and Messenger rotation instead of their real name.

Same Singer, different Venues

If you're a mobile KJ and some singers follow you to different venues, you can have their Singer (user data) show up in multiple venues! Click here for info on that.

Batch Import of Singers

You can create a text file, one singer per line, in the form of:

Singer's Name, singers_password

The format must be UTF8 (or plain ASCII), and you're free to use international characters.

To import the list of singers, hold down the option/alt key, while picking "Add to Library" from the file menu, then select your text file.