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A venue is a location that has it's own set of Singers. Mobile KJ's, when arriving at a particular venue, can simply switch kJams to that venue, and all the singers that frequent it will then be available. In addition, Singers can be moved or aliased between venues using the Finder.

Venue management is done in the File menu.

To switch to a venue without having to confirm the choice, hold the Mac: Command / Win: Control key down when picking the venue.

Same Singer, different Venues

To have a singer be able to "show up" at more than one venue:

  1. switch to the Venue that you want the singer to show up in
  2. go to the File menu and pick "Venues->Load Singer from other Venue"
  3. you will be shown the "File Select" dialog, where you can pick what venue the singer is coming from
  4. go inside the venue you want
  5. inside that folder, go inside the "Singers" folder
  6. you can now see the list of singers from the other venue
  7. select one or more singers from the other venue
  8. click "Choose"

That's it! The singer(s) you picked will now be available at the first venue!