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kJams 2 requires Windows 10 or greater, or MacOS 10.10 or greater

How to purchase

To get upgrade pricing, run your registered kJams 1.0 and go to the Menu bar and pick Help->Upgrade.
If you have not previously purchased kJams, just download "kJams 2", install it and run, then go to the Menu bar and pick Help->Purchase

What does it do Today?


Stand Alone: $140.

When you buy or upgrade to kJams 2, you are entitled to to free tech support for new features only, all updates and all new features coming in the future for the 2.0 cycle.

If you are upgrading from   Your Upgrade Price Is   Your Discount Is 
Nothing $140 $0
Lite $130 $10
Lite with Burning $110 $30
Pro $60 $80
Pro with Burning $40 $100