Songless Singers

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This feature is not available in 1.0.

A Songless Singer is a singer who has run out of songs or is "Here" but had not yet submitted a song.

By default, kJams does NOT show Songless Singers in the Rotation ShowScreen or in the Messenger Rotation. However, there are some reasons you may want Songless Singers still show up:

  1. so they know they are still in the rotation in their spot
  2. to inform them they need to submit a song
  3. so they aren't left wondering why their name isn't coming up on the screen any more

If you'd like to allow Songless Singers, do this:

  1. go to preferences->Advanced
  2. make sure "Automatically un-mark singers “Not Here”" is NOT checked, click OK
  3. add this line to your "" script:
    kjams.pref_set("Singer with no song still gets listed in Rotation", True)
  4. restart kJams

The default message for a Songless Singer is "No song submitted!". If you'd like to change that, do this: (change the custom message, obviously)

  1. add this line to your "" script:
    kjams.pref_set("Submit a song custom string", "Your Custom Message")
  2. restart kJams