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This feature is available only in kJams 2.0!

A "manual" rotation one is you have full control over. It is not an un-edtable "smart" playlist, it is more like a regular playlist. You can assign a singer to any song, and you are free to arrange the rotation in any way you wish:

Pros & Cons


  • conceptually simpler: "it's just a playlist"
  • multiple songs per singer per rotation
  • insert yourself in several places if you like
  • insert "ShowScreen Songs" into the cue
  • filler music that has no singer
  • singers can still use the web or wtkJams to manage their lists
  • Total control over the your rotation playlist


  • new singer songs are added to the end of the playlist in whatever order they happen come in (not automatic interleave), meaning you MUST *manually* maintain the proper order of singers
  • no Switchable Songs
  • songs don't actually show up in the singer's "tonight" list, which may be confusing for users used to the other method

How To

  • Context-click a Rotation playlist, pick "Manual Rotation" to toggle it on or off! (Or use the "Advanced" menu)
  • Make sure the "Singer" sort column is showing. If not, learn how to hide / show sort columns.
  • You can now assign a singer to a song, or let singers use wtkJams
  • to drag-reorder WITHIN a single singer, drag a singer's song and drop it on TOP of a different song by the SAME singer, holding down the OPTION / ALT key