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To use the iTunes Crossfade in kJams 2.0:

  1. Run iTunes
  2. make a playlist with your "filler music"
  3. select that playlist
  4. set the iTunes volume to where you want it to be max (usually at about 75% if you want head room, or 100% if you use a mixer)
  5. Run kJams
  6. go to Preferences->General
    1. for Auto-Crossfade, ensure that "Pause Between Tracks" is turned on
    2. ensure that "Stopping a Song marks it sung" is turned on. This is important, otherwise the song will not be marked as having been sung, and when you press "Play" (or "Spacebar") to play the next song, the Singer or Song that was previously playing will start again.
  7. set the kJams volume to where you want it to be max (same as above)
  8. for One-Shot crossfading:
    1. When you want to fade between iTunes and kJams, just press cmd/ctrl-' (that's "single quote"). That key shortcut is set in the "" script and can be changed to something else if you like, by editing that script.
  9. for Auto-Crossfade:
    1. Pick: Advanced->Python->
    2. this launches the auto-crossfade script.
    3. when ever you STOP a song in kJams (not pause), it will fade out, and fade the iTunes playlist in.
    4. when ever you Play a song in kJams, iTunes will fade out

iTunes Video Underlay

This article explains how to set up your Video window to crossfade to iTunes for filler videos.