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What is it?

LAME stands for "Lame Ain't an Mp3 Encoder". But actually, is *is* an MP3 encoder.

I started with the LAME Framework and LAMEEncoder component created by Lynn Pye.

I improved the Settings Dialog, and made it function even if you use different compilers for the framework vs. the application. (Application developers must re-tool their code to take advantage of this)

Note: I did not do anything special to hook up the SSE stuff, so I don't actually know yet if it is taking advantage of the intel vector unit. Maybe it is?

This is LAME Version 3.97 (Septermber 2006)

How do i use it?

  1. quit kJams
  2. download and install it (see below)
  3. run kJams
  4. go to the menu bar and pick "kJams->Preferences", then click "Importing"
  5. select "LAME MP3" in the "encoder" popup
  6. hit okay
  7. Now you can rip your songs, or select some songs and go "advanced->convert selection to MP3"


Just download this Windows LAME DLL, unzip it and drop it in your "/Windows" directory, or the "kJams Plugins" folder, or your "kJams Preferences" folder.


Here's the latest Universal Binary Installer (2.0).

Here's an older Universal Binary Installer (1.2).

To Install:

  1. MacOS 10.7 or higher:
    1. click Apple->System Prefs->Security & Privacy (or just "Security")
    2. click the lock
    3. enter your password
    4. under "Allow apps downloaded from:" pick "Anywhere"
    5. run the Lame installer
    6. if you want to stay "superdupersecure", then re-select "Mac App Store and identified developers"
  2. MacOS 10.6 or 10.5:
    1. just run the Lame installer

Report bugs here!

WARNING: The installer does NOT un-install previous versions that you may have in your user folder. If you previously installed LAME from another source, then you *must* un-install all previous versions. This installer puts things at the root (ie: /Library, NOT /Users/~/Library). If you have a previous version installed in your user folder, then this version WILL NOT WORK


Here is the Source Code, including the Installer source.

LAME Home Page

Legal Notice

LAME is an external library that any application may optionally link with, I did not write LAME, it is freely available elsewhere, it is NOT an integral part of kJams, is not INCLUDED with kJams, and I am not charging for it. If you do not use LAME, kJams will function just fine (you can rip audio using QuickTime or Ogg Vorbis). If you choose to install an MP3 encoder, you should take it upon yourself to abide by any applicable laws regarding licensing. For more info, go here.