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How do you get there?

In the Menu Bar, pick "kJams -> Preferences"

Where Are they actually Stored on disk?

Your preferences for kJams are stored in your user preferences folder, in a folder called, guess what: kJams. it lives here:

Mac: <home folder>/Library/Preferences/kJams/kJams Preferences.plist
Win: <home folder>/AppData/Roaming/Preferences/kJams/kJams Preferences.plist





Importing & LAME

importing.png lame.jpg





  • Logging is used for debugging purposes. Please leave it on. Do NOT turn on Log Threads unless I ask you to
  • Clear Search field when switching Sources: With this on, when you switch between sources (eg: a playlist, the Library, a Singer etc), the search field is cleared, so it will reveal all items in that source. If you leave this checkbox off, the search is re-executed on the new source after you switch to it.
  • Update Search Results as you type: will perform the search after each key stroke. When off, you must press [Return] to execute the search
  • Allow Name Editing: lets you edit meta info directly in the browser. It's a bit to zealous at starting an edit session right now, so I made this pref to shut it off. (This will be fixed to work like the sources list, where you have to click and then not move your mouse for a second before the edit starts)
  • Remember Pitch & Tempo changes in all playlists: If you set pitch or tempo in a playlist that does NOT belong to a singer, the setting will stick, and next time you play the song from any non-singer playlist, it will play with the previously set pitch and tempo. Actually the setting is always remembered, this preference only determines if it gets applied. Note this does not affect burning a disc. In other words, if you set the pitch on a song in a non-singer playlist, then burn the disc, it will be burnt with the new pitch, even if this preference is not set.
  • Automatically mark singers “Here”: Will automatically place in rotation a singer who's "Tonight" list is touched (added to, removed from, or reordered)
  • Automatically un-mark singers “Not Here”: Will automatically remove from rotation a singer who runs out of songs. You would leave this NOT checked if you want the singers to keep their place in the rotation even if they forgot to sign up for another song after their last one. Otherwise, when they add another song, they will go to the end of the rotation (and will therefore sing SOONER than they would have had they stayed in the rotation)


See freedb



  • Pad QuickTime Export to 320 x 240: Normally CD+G media is 300 x 216 pixels, but this looks even more chunky than normal when scaled to the video iPod screen. If you enable this option, kJams will pad the frames with a black border to fill them out to 320 x 240.







Music Stores

See Music Stores for more info, especially about Chartbuster

Secret Prefs

Please see: Secret Prefs