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"GraceNote" is a commercial, professionally curated remote online database that contains meta info for CDs (among other things). That is, it contains entries that specify, for each CD, all the artist, album, track title, genre and various other information. Presently there are over Umpty Gazillion entries in the database. kJams incorporates access to this database so that, when you insert a CD, the database is queried for the CD's meta info, so that you don't have to type it in.

Getting Data

At any time you can attempt to get disc info using the database. When you go to the "Advanced" menu and choose "Get CD Tracks from GraceNote…", kJams will attempt to find the info in the database, and if found, update the copy that kJams keeps for that disc. Note you will loose any info currently stored for that disc.

This also works for playlists with less than 30 songs in them. The songs MUST be in the correct track order and MUST contain every song in the album. Sort the playlist by "#" first (NOT by track number), and drag-reorder them to get them into the correct order. Then select the playlist and then go Advanced->Get CD Tracks from GraceNote… (or any of the other Databases).