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Note that Consolidating is also Rebuilding, so you will lose all your venues, singers, and playlists.

To consolidate you must have double the hard drive space available that your library takes up. ie: if your library takes 12 GB of space, to consolidate you will temporarily need 12 *free* GB available. Also note you will lose all your venues, singers, and playlists when doing this.

  1. add to library all the songs you want to consolidate from different places (skip this step if you don't need it)
  2. select your Library playlist
  3. "File->Export->Entire Playlist: All Files..." files, follow the directions. If you want to match the "kJams Music" folder style, pick "Heirarchic", then "Artist". Export to a folder with a new name, for example "kJams Consolidated".
  4. wait for the export to complete, have coffee or something
  5. quit kjams
  6. in the Finder, go to your "kJams" folder probably at /Users/<you>/Music/kJams/
  7. trash the "kJams Library" folder and the "kJams Music" folders. (note: NOT the "kJams" folder that contains them, and not the "kJams CDs" folder
  8. Move or Copy the "kJams Consolidated" folder (or whatever you named it) to it's new *permanant* location, i suggest you put it into the "kJams" folder".
  9. Optional: If you exported to a folder structure that matches the "kJams Music" folder, you *MAY* at this point rename this new folder to "kJams Music".
  10. run kJams. Did you skip the previous step? you will have an empty library, otherwise kJams will now index your consolidated library automatically.
  11. If you did skip that step, then go File->Add To Library, and pick "kJams Consolidated", pick "Tags" if a dialog asks you about it, then hit okay
  12. wait for it
  13. you're done!