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A Conversation

If you prefer a conversational style, you might like this exchange.


In doing this you will lose all your playlists, venues and singers' playlists. It is possible to preserve your singers' names, but NOT their Tonight, Favorites or History

How To

  1. To preserve the NAMES of your singers:
    1. select the "Singers" folder (the Venue folder)
    2. hold down the option (alt) key, then in the File menu pick Export->Entire Playlist: CSV. Be sure you're holding the key when you let go of picking that menu item. kJams will acknowledge the option key is pressed if you will hear a BEEP.
    3. export that Singers.csv file to the desktop
    4. do this for each venue you have
  2. Quit kJams
  3. Navigate to your "kJams" folder. (mac: /Users/<you>/Music/kJams, win: C:\Users\<you>\My Music\kJams)
  4. Inside that folder you'll see the "kJams Library" folder. See it?
  5. Trash the "kJams Library" folder (or make a backup somewhere, alternately you can simply right click-create archive it, and put a tilde (~) in front of the archive name, THEN delete the original folder).
  6. had you previously added to library picking "copy" (not "reference")?:
    1. yes: do you plan to re-add by "reference" songs from an external drive?
      1. yes: go into "kJams Music" and find "Unknown Artist" folder and throw that folder out
  7. empty the trash / recycle bin
  8. Run kJams
  9. Any songs you've previously "ripped", "purchased", or "copied" will automatically add to the library.
  10. To Preserve singers: "Add to Library" that Singers.csv file, (or name the venue, and import the singers file for that venue, for each venue)
  11. Now "Add to Library" any other folders you need. (in the file menu)

That's it!

Do NOT throw out "kJams CDs" or "kJams Musc" or anything else you find at the same level

Here is a Tutorial Video for Rebuilding while Moving to an external drive