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Copy and Paste

When the Source list is focused
You can copy the column layout from a playlist, and paste it into another playlist.

When the Tracks list is focused
You can copy all the visible meta data from a playlist, and paste it into Excel. From there you can print a Song Book if you like. Or you can edit the data in your spreadsheet, then select the same block and copy, then go back to kJams and paste, and kJams will update all the meta data that you changed. Note that you MUST have the EXACT same selection, in the EXACT same order, with the EXACT same columns showing, also in the EXACT same order. If you don't, you could destroy your data.

Note that this means that you need to select *just the data* in the spreadsheet when you're ready to copy it back, rather than clicking the corner box to select the whole sheet

Here is more info on Advanced metadata editing using a spreadsheet.