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Actually there is no built-in Print Catalog feature. But you can still print!

Filter, sort, and arrange the columns to get the list presented how you like.

I recommend AGAINST using "Song ID" numbers to reference songs, because if you ever rebuild your library, all your SongID's will get reset, and you'll have to re-print your song books. But if you want to have a unique "Song ID" for each song, then make sure you include the "Song ID" column, probably putting it first (make it the left-most column).

Then select all (or just select the ones you want), and Edit->Copy. Now go to whatever program you like to use to print, eg: Excel, AppleWorks, iWork, or even TextEdit. In a text program, you'll have to set up tab stops to adjust column widths. In a spreadsheet, just resize the columns directly. Print!

What you REALLY want to do

I think you should instead use the Server, and not print song books at all.

Create a PDF with Two Columns

From the forums:

okay... you've got all your songs happily organized within kJams
Do a sort by... whatever.. having only the columns you wish to print active
select all (command A) and copy (command C like the good man tells ya)
Now... open iWork Numbers and paste
Get it how you want it, justified line separators (be sure to select portrait) etc.
Change the paper size to something like... 4 x 10 panoramic etc. (may require tweaking to get it to fit)
once it looks like many (382 in my case) pages and ready to go... use the export to iPhoto feature
Now, open iphoto... you see all the individual columns you created as separate image files.
Use iPhoto to export the lot to a folder on the desktop using the Append Sequential numbering option for naming.
NOW, here's the cool bits.... open the lot with Preview, select all and rotate them to the right 90 degrees
Open print cue, select landscape and 2 images per page, scale to fit and then use the save as .PDF feature
to create a nice tight two column combined .pdf file. Fire up double sided print and rock on.