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In the Preferences, go to Tags. In the section on "Writing" there is a popup specifying "Conform Song Names". This indicates exactly how kJams will rename your music files on disk.

L = album name
T = track number
R = artist name
S = song name
V = Rendition (Version)

Spaces, parentheses and dashes ARE significant.

kJams wants to conform your song names in order to have a consistent, readily identifiable naming convention for all your music files. In the online karaoke music world, the problem has been utterly inconsistent naming of songs. That makes the sharing of songs a major hassle. This is an attempt to rectify the situation by making all songs have a consistent naming convention. That way, if you bring your music to a different karaoke program, it is a SIMPLE matter to import them and glean all the metadata from the titles of the songs, all at once, since they ALL have the same naming format. It also means that if you rebuild your library from scratch, and "Use File Names" instead of tags to import (which is very fast) then it will all "Just work", all the meta data will be magically gleaned out of the file name *perfectly*, and will be sorted into the proper columns in the browser window, a major boon to those who like to rebuild their libraries from time to time to keep the in a known good state.

I picked "L-T - R - S" as the default because that seems to be the most popular convention in use today, but you can set it to whatever you want. Note: I recommend that you use all four bits of meta data, because if you have two songs by the same name in the same folder, the only difference will be the track number, so if you do NOT include that, you'll have a naming conflict.