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Note: if you're JUST interested in TV resolution, see step 15!

You want an external monitor (most likely a TV screen) to show the singer and the audience the lyrics screen, while you work away in the Browser window on the main screen. That way, the audience doesn't see your twiddling around, and the singer can focus on the thing they want to see, the karaoke lyrics!

  1. get your second screen hooked up to the computer.
  2. in the search bar, type "display"
  3. in the menu that comes up with search results, you should see "Duplicate or extend to a connected display", click that
  4. you should now see a window with the small label "Settings" in the top left, and the large label "Displays" in the main area
  5. You should now see a section that says "Rearrange your displays", and inside that one or more little boxes, each one being a "virtual screen" representing a physical display
  6. if you do NOT see that section, then scroll down to the section called "Multiple Displays" and click the "Detect" button below that. If you STILL don't see the "Rearrange" section from the previous step, then your monitor is not properly plugged in or turned on or connected or something. You'll have to figure out that part
  7. Scroll down so you can see the section called "Multiple Displays". It should show a menu dropdown box with the label "Extend These Displays"
  8. if the dropdown does NOT show "Extend these displays", click in it and pick "Extend these displays".
  9. you may see a "confirmation" banner like this:
  10. click "Keep Changes" quickly!
  11. now step back and look at the physical arrangement of your displays

    In this example my main computer monitor (smaller) is physically on the right side and the second (larger) display is physically to the left of it (in your case the one on the left would be your TV screen, and may actually appear to be the smaller one).
  12. now go back and look at the "Rearrange your displays" section of the window. Is the physical 2nd monitor on the right side of the 1st monitor? If so, you must ensure the virtual display is on the same side.
  13. if it is not on the correct side, drag and drop it to be on the correct side.
  14. Now, in the "Rearrange your displays" section, select the box that represents your TV or the display that will show the lyrics
  15. Scroll down to the "Display resolution" section
    If you're using 64bit kJams, you can set it to "1920 x 1080"
    if you're using 32bit kJams, make sure it says "720 x 480", or at MOST, set it to "1280 x 720" (but this takes more horsepower)
  16. if it does not say that, click in the dropdown box and pick it. You may need to confirm again.
  17. now you should be all set! Close the Display Preferences window
  18. run kJams
  19. show the Video window
  20. drag the video window off the screen in the physical direction of your second display
  21. you will now see it on your second display
  22. double click inside the video window
  23. you are now in "Full Screen" mode
  24. move the mouse pointer back to the main screen
  25. play a song!
  26. Rejoyce!