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WARNING: High Sierra (MacOS 10.13) and Later

It is NOT POSSIBLE to play KMA and WMA files on mac any more. Sorry.

Sierra (MacOS 10.12) and Earlier

Flip4Mac is required in order to play KMA and WMA files on Macintosh.

Starting with Version 3, they have introduced audio watermarking so that you now hear "This is a demonstration of Flip4Mac" every few minutes! Very annoying!

Mavericks (MacOS 10.9) and Later

To remove the audio watermark, You MUST pay for the "Player Pro" version of Flip4Mac.

Version 2.4 (below) does NOT work on Mavericks or later.

Pre-Mavericks Users

Do NOT get the latest version of Flip4Mac!

If you have already installed Version 3, please Uninstall it first, then run kJams and go to Preferences->Audio and click "Clear Cache", then quit kJams.

Then, download the FREE Flip4Mac, which has NO audio watermark.

After you install Version 2, go to System Preferences->Flip4Mac->Update, and set "Check For Updates" to "Never".