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If your kJams is stuck in tryout mode, no matter what you do, try these steps to get the registration to activate:

  1. quit kJams
  2. do a spotlight search for "esellerate", throw out EVERYTHING you find
  3. now search for "mindvision", again throw everything out
  4. now search for "EWSMac", and again throw everything out
  5. if you don't find anything in the above search, go into /Library/Frameworks and look manually
  6. run kJams
  7. go to Help menu and choose "Enter Serial Number"
  8. paste in your serial number, hit ok.
  9. confirm it has activated successfully
  10. quit kJams
  11. run kJams again, it should STILL be active
  12. quit kJams
  13. disconnect your network completely (become offline)
  14. run kJams again, it should STILL be active (not tryout)
  15. reconnect your network

If the above fails to resolve the issue, please let me know at EXACTLY what step above the failure occurred.