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  • A license grants you ONE serial number
  • One serial number may be used to activate two computers (Mac or Windows doesn't matter)
  • One license is intended for one person (ie: you can not give your second activation to another person)
  • To activate your second computer, run kJams and go "Help->Enter Serial Number" then use "copy and paste" to paste your serial number
  • To deactivate a computer (say, to move to another computer, or before you reformat your computer), run kJams and go "Help->Deactivate"
  • Licenses are transferable

Activations are tied to your computer

Your serial number may stop working if any of the following happens:

  • You replace or reformat your startup drive
  • You replace your networking card (ethernet)
  • Your Operating System makes a major change (eg: going from 10.4 to 10.5 can sometimes cause a deactivation)
  • You switch to a different computer.
  • your computer goes "in for repair"

If your kJams goes back to "(Tryout)" mode for any reason, simply contact me and I'll reset your activations.

Where is my Serial Number license file located?

Your Serial Number file is located in the preferences folder in your home folder.

Mac: <home folder>/Library/Preferences/kJams/kJams Serial Number.xml
Win: <home folder>/AppData/Roaming/Preferences/kJams/kJams Serial Number.xml

The easy way to get there is simply to run kJams, and go "Help->Reveal Preferences".

You can send this file to your backup computer to activate it, or transfer it to a new computer, just put it in the same place.

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