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Read this. No, really, read the whole thing. If you send me something like "I put the disc in and it didn't work" I may become frustrated. Did you read it?

I'll probably want you to also send me the log file and crash report.

Here's more info on how to create a good "Repro case".

But what I *really* want is for you to File The Bug!!

At the very LEAST: I need you to create for me a list of steps such that, if I follow your steps exactly, it will reproduce the bug 100% of the time. Make sure your steps are "for dummies", don't leave anything out.

eg: BAD

  1. i tried to rip and it didn't work!

eg: GOOD

  1. run kjams
  2. put in a CDG disc
  3. see the list of tracks that shows up in kJams, named "Audio Track 1, Audio Track 2" etc
  4. select track 3
  5. go to file menu, pick "rip selected"
  6. it gives the error "<state here exactly what the error message is>"