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All you have to do is go "Help->Send Crash Report", which will send the LAST most recent crash report and log file.
Or pick "Send Log file", which will send the log file from the CURRENT session.

Manual: Windows

Your log file is located here:
Windows XP:

/Documents and Settings/<you>/Application Data/kJams Logs/

Windows Vista & 7:

/Users/<you>/AppData/Roaming/kJams Logs/

Be sure to send the one with the right date. Usually this means sort the folder by date and pick the latest one.

to send a crash report manually, you have to dig it out of the automatic report.

  1. you will see this window:
  2. Click the "What does this report contain?" link button, and you'll get this window:
  3. click the "Export" button.
  4. Save the file to the desktop, the name will be a gibberish of letters and numbers, you can rename it to something sane if you like.
  5. Run your mail client, and make a new with the subject "kJams Crash Report"
  6. add an attachment and pick the file you saved to the desktop
  7. click send
  8. after it is sent, you may delete the file from the desktop


There are two separate files that I need, the "console.log" and the "Crash Report":

Manual: Panther (10.3), Tiger (10.4)

There are two separate files that I need, the "console.log" and the "Crash Report":
For just the console.log, watch the movie. But I also need the crash report (except if it is a "hang" rather than a "crash", a "hang" won't give you a crash report). If it did crash, that report is found in the same place, read on for instructions.

  1. Launch Console: /Applications/Utilities/Console
  2. Under the tool bar at the top, running down the entire left edge of the window, you should see a browser with items in it such as console, system, ~library, var etc. If you do not see this, then, IN the tool bar, press "Logs" icon
  3. If you *know* you can always reproduce the bug, go to step 4. If the bug just happened, you can skip to step 10
  4. In the list of logs, make sure "console.log" is selected
  5. Click the little "Mark" flag at the top
  6. now click the Disclosure Triangle next to "~/Library/Logs", this will reveal a list. In that list, look for "BugReporter". If that's not there look for "CrashReporter". If you don't see it, skip to step 8. Click the disclosure triangle next to it to reveal the list under that, in that list, select the log that starts with "kJams"
  7. press the "Clear" button in the tool bar again
  8. Launch kJams, make it crash or whatever
  9. Go back to Console
  10. Important: In the list of logs, make sure "console.log" is selected. If it is not, click it to select it.
  11. Scroll up to find that mark you put in before, and select all the text after it
  12. Copy it, make a new email and paste.
  13. Go back to Console
  14. In the list of logs, make sure the kJams crash log is selected (to get there, follow step 6, if it's not there, skip to step 15)
  15. Select all the text on the right, copy, go to that same email message, paste
  16. Send that to me!

Manual: Leopard+ (10.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ...)

same as above but the log is in a slightly different place:
leopard_log.png leopard_crash.png