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  • δ) development: still adding new features, not all features are in, some are only just working enough for you to get by. Because i'm adding new features, this inevitably means i'm introducing bugs, things may break that were working before. But there's enough there for you to work with, you should be able to do *something*. English only. (tho i've jumped this particular gun and have done most language localizations). The designation is "d".
  • α) alpha: most major features in, still buggy, but much better. most UI is done, but can change to add features, fix bad designs. mostly we're adding minor features, polishing major features. High performance optimizations is the focus of this stage. Foreign language support added toward end of this stage. The designation is "a".
  • β) beta: all major and most all minor features are in, no crashing bugs, UI done, foreign languages supported. now we're mostly fixing bugs, making very minor tweaks in features, and further boosting performance, polishing and occasionally adding last minute minor feature. The designation is "b".
  • RC) release candidate: this should ship unless there's a bug. Only fixing show-stopping critical bugs during this stage, and nothing else! The designation is "f" which stands for "Final"
  • GM) golden master or release stage: this is the "1.0"! This is the one that ships! Any fixes that come after must be put into a "dot release" (eg: 1.0.1). There is no designation, this is when we drop all designations and just call it "1.0".

For 1.0 We're currently at GM
For 2.0, we're currently at early δevelopment stage

During each stage, there are several releases, numbered incrementally, eg: 1.0β15 is the 15th "release" during the beta stage. There are also "in-between" versions, which I call "rogue" builds, that happen between real versions, these are designated by the letter "r" in the build number, eg: 1.0δ12r3, that's rogue build number 3 of development release 12.