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NEO+G discs are a DVD format created by RSQ. It can store thousands of karaoke songs on a single disc. The songs are in MP3+G format, where the "G" is M3G format. M3G is converted on the fly to CDG, you don't have to think about it. NEO+G discs work with kJams just like any CD+G disc except for the following:

  • when you rip the songs, they will *always* rip to MP3. If you want them in another format, you should, after you rip, select the newly ripped songs and use the "Convert Format" option.

After you stick in a NEO+G disc, it will mount with the name NEO_XXXXXXXX, where the x's are a hash value to create a unique name. You may want to change the name to the ACTUAL album name before you start ripping, eg: for "Karaoke Klub Super Hits Volume 3" you'd change the disc's name to "KKSHv03".