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50% off If you represent a place of worship (to use during weekly services) or a non-profit (where you do many free shows or fundraisers for charity), or if you are personally a starving student (paying out of pocket)

70% off If you represent a school and need a site license for lab computers where students will have access to them (this is NOT meant for "events" or "fund raisers", but for students to have access).

100% off (Free) If you:

  • are doing humanitarian work (providing free shows for people in need)
  • are in the Military (on active duty, doing shows for your troop mates)
  • work in a Prison (doing free shows for inmates)
  • work in a Hospital (music is healing!)

Proof of Eligibility

Since email can be forged by just typing anything you want, I require proof that you are who you say you are, in order to provide a discount.

For Military personnel, just send me an email from your .mil address.

For students, an email from your .edu address.

All others: Your name and email address must be listed on an official web site (your school, church, hospital, prison, nonprofit, or your charity work web site). If your name does not appear, then you must have someone, who's name and email address IS listed, send me an email vouching for you. Forwarding an email from them is not sufficient.

Also, you must do 100% of your shows for free, ie: you don't have a side business of running paid karaoke shows. (tips don't count!)