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Before you buy kJams, you should check the hardware you want to run it on, to see if it meets our requirements. Since you can download any edition of kJams, and use it in Tryout mode to test it on your own machine, you get to determine whether your computer has enough badonkadonk to run the package without having to guess. Er, sorry; Trace Adkins flashback there.

Remember: especially if you're using the system to do professional hosting for money in a public place, you should always reboot your computer before starting a show, and you may want/need to do a clean boot to make sure no extra programs are being started up for your at boot time which will load your machine down.

Basic Requirements


These are the recommended specifications; you may be able to use some features with lesser hardware, though perhaps not all at the same time.

  • A PC or Mac, or laptop, with at least a 2GHz, dual-core CPU
  • 6GB RAM (For < 15,000 songs, else 6-8GB)
  • at least 10GB Free disk space (or room enough for your future music library)

Recommended: SSD for both OS drive and Music drive (if they're separate) 8 GIGs of ram or more


* Note: While kJams will run on Windows XP, Microsoft no longer provides even security updates for it, and it's not recommended to run it if it will in anyway be connected to the internet.


  • An internet connection (at least temporarily) to the computer on which you plan to purchase and activate a kJams license
  • Internet is also required if you want to purchase or stream songs from a Music Store

Extended Requirements

  • To rip and/or burn, you'll need a compatible drive. Not all drives are compatible! One of the reasons I provide a Tryout version is so you can see if your drive is compatible. More on this in the next section.
  • For Burning more than 3 songs you must already have purchased kJams Lite, Pro, or 2. (You can, and you SHOULD) test burning with a 2 song playlist using the free Tryout. That's why there's a free tryout.
  • For the Producer plugin, a Macintosh, otherwise requirements as for Burning
  • Don't add more than about 112k songs to kJams, it is only a 32bit program and the memory management scheme will make it run very slowly if you add more than that