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New Playlist

Creates a new empty playlist, it's like a folder for your songs that you'd like to have play in a particular order, or just for organization.

New Preset Playlist

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Pro: New Singer

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Close Window

Is supposed to do what you expect, but probably doesn't.

Save Database

Only for the paranoid: The database automatically saves itself every few seconds whenever there is pending data to be saved. It does so only when there is no keyboard or mouse activity. If you really want to force it to save *right now* then use this command. If you hold down ⌘ and ⇧ while you pick Save, kJams will *force* a save of the database even if it thinks there is nothing to save. If you hold ⌘, ⇧ and ⌥, then kJams will also do an exhaustive search for all song files during save (note this can be time consuming), and mark any that are actually for reals missing. notes: ⌥ means "option" on mac and "alt" on windows. ⇧ is always "shift", ⌘ means "command" on mac and "control" on windows.

Add to Library…

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Rip Selected

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See Export Lite and Export Pro

Get Info…

Meta Info

Show Original(s)

Will reveal in the finder the location(s) of the source files. Note this will reveal cached versions, and zipped versions of the song, it can reveal up to five sources per song: audio, video, cached audio, cached video, and zipped.

Pro: Venue


Pro: Catalog Setup…

Not yet implemented.

Pro: Print Catalog…

Not yet implemented, but see Printing.

Burner: Burn Playlist…