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Signing Up

When you sign up for the FREE account at "Party Tyme Downloads", it WILL ask for a credit card. The card IS required in order to get your free account established, however you will NEVER be charged anything unless you actually purchase something (a song, or a streaming subscription). Also note, unless you have manually changed your preferences, you can not accidentally purchase anything: kJams will always warn you before any purchase is made.

  1. Run kJams
  2. go to preferences
  3. click on stores
  4. make sure "Enable Checked Music Stores" and "Party Tyme Downloads" is checked. (if they weren't, then check them and restart kJams, and come back to this screen)
  5. click to "Edit Music Store Settings"
  6. make sure "Party Tyme Downloads" tab is selected
  7. click "Create Account…" button and follow the wizard

If you forget your password

  1. go to this page
  2. Enter your email address and click submit.
  3. you'll get an email, go find it, and click the link to reset your password.

Once you have done that, you should be able to go back to kJams and log in.

Downloads for Purchase

There are over 6 thousand songs available for purchase / download. They are USD $1.99 each. Sort by price then scroll down a bit to see them all at once. To sort by some other column, search for "1.99" then sort however you wish. Purchased songs may be played in a public / commercial venue, as long as the KJ or Venue has membership in ASCAP.

MP4 Songs

You can optionally show versions of the songs that come in mp4 format. These generally look a bit better on screen, however they can not be burned to a CD+G disc with kJams. They can, however, be burned to a DVD, using your own software. This option is off by default.


These manufacturers are available in the "Party Tyme Downloads" store:
Party Tyme Karaoke