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Note: in some of the following situtations, you will get a confirmation dialog asking you if you're really sure you want to do this. To skip these dialogs, answering "yes", hold down the command key.

Make a song selection, press delete key (or choose Edit->Clear)

What happens depends on the playlist that is selected when you press the delete key:

  • In the KJ rotation, this will just set the singers to "Not Here".
  • In the Singers List, this will actually delete the singer, trashing original singer files and playlists (does not affect any songs, just the singers' playlists)
  • In any regular playlist *except* the main Library, this will just remove the song references from the playlist
  • In the Library playlist, this will remove the song entry from the Library and from all playlists that song was ever added to. In addition, if it is a song that you have ripped with kJams (ie: it is actually stored in your "kJams Music" folder) then it will optionally trash the original files as well. If in this case you choose not to trash the original files, they will then become orphaned inside your "kJams Music" folder. The only way to get them back is to move them somewhere else (outside that folder) and re-add to library them, or Rebuild your library. If it is a song you have imported via "Add to Library…" then it will NOT trash the original files, they will stay on disk wherever they were.

Edit->Remove All Playlist Items…

This is only for debugging a problem, don't use it unless you know what you're doing. This will remove playlist references from the currently showing playlist and the Library, but will leave the song itself in the database. The song may re-appear next time you run kJams.

Edit->Remove from Library…

This will remove all references of a song from all playlists. It will not delete or move files on disk, so you may end up with orphaned files if they were inside your "kJams Music" folder.

Edit->Trash original files…

Does just what it says. It will remove all references of that song from all playlists 'plus it will move all associated files to the trash.