Singing Machine

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The Singing Machine is a stand-alone karaoke system. You can use kJams to transfer songs from the built in Music Stores to the USB stick that it uses to play songs!

  1. install Lame and make sure you've set it as your encoder.
  2. Rip your songs from disc, or purchase some MP3+G songs from a Music Store (not mp4 songs)
  3. make a Playlist for the songs that you want, select the playlist
  4. File->Export->Entire Playlist: All Files, then pick "Flat"
  5. Choose the "karaoke" folder on the USB thumb drive, then click "Choose"
  6. go into that folder in the file system
  7. select all, and open. this will unzip all the files
  8. go into each folder and drag the files OUT one level to be inside the "karaoke" folder
  9. again viewing the contents of the "karaoke" folder, sort by file type
  10. delete all the xml files, the zip files, and the folders
  11. you should be left with ONLY mp3 and cdg files

Now you can eject the disc and put it into your Singing Machine!